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… javelin, the greatest weapon humanity had ever made.
Bountiful Hunt
The Icon used for Javelins

Javelins are powerful exo-suits equipped by trained pilots called Lancers. These suits not only protect the pilots against the harmful physical environment, but also possess abilities to demonstrate incredible combat prowess against enemies. Javelins aren’t exclusive to any factions, or humans. Every known faction has access to their own kind of javelin, except for the Urgoth, who haven’t been seen for centuries.

Javelins should not be confused with large mechanical robotic machines (usually called mechs or mechas), which could still be piloted or controlled. Javelins are armored, and linked to a pilot’s thoughts and impulses. If a pilot panics, the javelin will lockup, rendering it unable to move.

Note: Javelins are not traditional archetypes or classes of role-playing games. In fact, it is possible to build a javelin to fit any type and more depending on its loadout and playstyle.


The first javelin was built by the Engineer Arden Vassa, who was once an Arcanist studying the mysteries of the world of Coda under his mentor Idris. Generations of knowledge passed down from mentor to apprentice eventually reached Vassa. However, this was nearly half a millennium old story, when humanity was under the rule of Urgoth overlords.

When the Legion of Dawn was formed by Helena Tarsis, Liatrelle, and Garred the Chronicler, Arden Vassa was among them to recruit people for its cause. Vassa created armaments and defenses for the members of the Legion to fight the urgoth. Tarsis, now a General, requested a special armor that can be used to fend off not only the urgoth, but also the dangers of their land posed by the fauna and the environment.

Javelin of Dawn

Arden Vassa contemplated his knowledge of the emberlings and forging into making the first javelin, the Javelin of Dawn. But even Vassa didn’t fully understand what he had created. General Tarsis tested this new untried powerful suit of armor that not only let her fend off enemies, but also gave her the ability to fly.

Soon, Vassa built a gauntlet inside the Fortress of Dawn, in the hopes of finding worthy lancers to bear their own javelins—anyone who endured even a moment inside the gauntlet was bestowed a javelin. Those that survived the entire gauntlet were not only given a javelin, but also made into Legionnaires, Helena Tarsis’ inner circle.

Vassa only designed and created the first javelin. All other javelins were devised based on his additional blueprints and inputs, but he never made a second one. The most prominent Legionnaire lancers were the Guardians of DawnArtinia, Cariff, Gawnes, Yvenia. Other prominent Legionnaire lancers were Sanadeen, Magna Stral, Midderon, Alnwick Marigold, Verithan, Felux, and Durnwin.

After the Urgoth were defeated, and General Tarsis gave her life for humanity’s freedom, the Javelin of Dawn was sealed inside the Fortress of Dawn. However, Vassa made sure to create a new test of endurance, which, when successfully faced, would give the tenacious the access to the first javelin.

With the defeat of the Urgoth, The Legion Victorious Era, the current era began. The Legion had split into three. With them, they took the original Legion javelins. As the world moved forward, several nations were formed, and newer regions were discovered. With this, newer javelin types were made for specific purposes.

Cortex Entry

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Check Cortex Entry: Javelins for More Information

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An airtight, armored exo-suit linked to a pilot's thoughts and impulses. Javelins are capable of short flights and have been the major technology of defense and exploration. “Arden Vassa crafted a suit of armor, plated in ember and hope. This would make General Tarsis stronger than the urgoth, than the ursix, than the titan. This would be humanity's salvation. A spear, hurtling towards freedom. A Javelin of Dawn.”

—From The Volume of Tarsis by “Garred

When cyphers began to appear, Corvus integrated new technology into links, so that the cyphers could “accompany” lancers on missions, giving specific direction, information and guidance. While not necessary to piloting a javelin, working with a cypher is a proven life saver.
Since a javelin is merely an extension of its lancer, they work best when specifically crafted to an individual's preference and ability. It is common for lancers to upgrade their javelin to their liking with guns, cannons, shields, and seals.

Construction and Working of Javelins

All javelins of Bastion are made in Heliost and shipped to the ordering cities using striders. So, it can take weeks for a new javelin to arrive for its pilot. The gateway is used to connect the pilot and the javelin.

Javelins do not function by using chemical fuel. They are made using ember based technology. Not much is known about how they are crafted because the Engineers try to keep their secrets. The electrical circuitry of a javelin is made using Chimeric Alloys as it exhibits properties that can give a small charge. Often seals are embedded into a javelin to make it more powerful.

Javelins also contain watertight seals to allow them to swim. This may be true for Bastion’s Javelins only, as Scar Javelins are known to sink when inside deep waters. The internal wiring is kept safe through external armor. Javelins are equipped with a cushioning gambeson to keep the pilot comfortable. There are servos that control the movement of arms and legs. The armor of a javelin is tough, but is prone to damage, especially when in contact with the organic acid and bites from fauna.

Each javelin is made to the specification of one person. No two lancers can successfully pilot each other’s javelins as their own javelins are linked to them mentally through the Crown and Signet system—they insert the signet into the crown of the javelin. As a matter of fact, trying to use a javelin designed for a different pilot could lead to difficult and unsatisfactory consequences. However, a skilled pilot can still equip a javelin not linked to them with caution and a clear mind, even though it is not recommended.

Pilots are connected to each other and their cyphers through a communication device called the Link. These are almost always equipped by the pilot on their hand. Each javelin has its own history and narrative, even if they are successors to an original kind or made completely anew. Each javelin is crafted specifically to its pilot, and the link can record the pilot’s adventures.

The iconic symbols of Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor Javelins

A javelin’s loadout and appearance can only be modified in a Forge. The good news is because of the discovery of pocket portals and magnetic pins, it is possible to access a miniature forge anywhere, except while flying or hovering. This has made it easier and safer for a lancer to tackle a wide variety of enemies, explore the world, and protect the citizens outside the walls.

It is assumed that the process of forging a javelin and using the crown and signet to establish a mental link to the gateway and the pilot’s mind, is more or less universal. There might be some differences here and there depending on where or who creates it, but the basic method remains the same, at least when it comes to humans, as all javelins are successors to the Javelin of Dawn.

Repairing Javelins

Javelins, especially those outside the walls are susceptible to wear and tear. Most javelins can receive severe damage to their armor during combat, or other incidents including crashing onto hills and walls. Javelins also receive regular maintenance at the Forge.

Javelins in the Forge

The Engineers and Mechanics in the Forge send the details of damage and repair and a quote to cover the costs of repairs to their respective factions, at least in Bastion.

Utilizing repair kits from the resupplies can provide a temporary fix to the javelin’s hull. A long-term solution needs a specialized mechanic, who will repair the javelin—the time for repair depends on the amount of damage and the availability of the mechanic. These mechanics are also known to service the javelins that have returned to the Forge from patrol duties outside the walls.

In the worst-case scenario, javelins that are severely damaged will be sent to the vault for salvage. A lot of Javelin Parts are salvaged and recycled. In fact, lancers are encouraged to salvage any parts from abandoned javelins outside the walls, as resources are precious and difficult to harvest.

Properties of Javelins

Anthem Javelins Flying.gif

Javelins are not just external suits of armor, but have several characteristics that make them more powerful and distinguishable from an old-fashioned wearable armor.

However, javelins are not mechas by any means, because they are smaller. They do operate mechanically like physical armor. Their prowess lies between physical armor and mechas. A javelin is a pilot's extension. This makes them more reliable, as they enhance the capability of a lancer than plain armor or the hulking mechas such as Striders.

Below are some of the characteristics that make a javelin.

  • Size: Javelins are bigger and bulkier than the pilot. Usually, a couple of feet taller, and sometimes more.
  • Strength: They have incredible strength. They are powerful enough to do things that pilots on their own cannot. Such tasks include lifting heavy objects and weaponry.
  • Boosters: Not all javelins can fly as shown in the image. However, every javelin has powerful boosters that enable them to reach higher places. Boosters can also allow a javelin to hover.
  • Health: Javelins are fitted with tough armor. Some even possess shields. A physical shield can be made to unfurl. Kinetic shields can usually regenerate. Some kinetic shields deplete after a while.
  • Armament: Javelins are equipped with arms and combat equipment.
  • Special Abilities: Javelins can also possess special abilities such as ultimate abilities and combo triggering effects.
  • Status Effects: Javelins possess abilities that can induce status effects on their targets.
  • Customization: Javelins can be customized by various means, just like how people wear different clothing accessories. This is not a requirement, but an option. Indeed, different javelins are customized by its pilot. At the very least the faction that uses them will customize their javelins to differentiate them from other factions, or between allies and enemies.

Other characteristics may exist, but they aren't the most prominent.

Types of Javelins

Depending on the place and species, there are several types of javelins. Many javelins are repurposed or remade from other variants. Various factions modify existing javelins to suit their cause. There are also javelins that are reverse engineered from others and improved. Some are made from scraps and salvaged resources from existing worn-out javelins. Although, most javelins are used for combat purposes when outside the walls, many have other functions and designed to perform them specifically.

Bastion Javelins

The 4 Prominent Javelins of Bastion

Bastion has made 4 javelins. Each javelin has a unique appearance and design. They are used by all factions in Bastion—Freelancers, Sentinels, Engineers, Corvus, Arcanists, Cyphers. Even the Regulators of Bastion have access to these javelins, stolen or obtained through legitimate means.

  • Ranger Icon.png Ranger: The most versatile javelin.
  • Colossus Icon.png Colossus: The largest and most powerful javelin.
  • Storm Icon.png Storm: The javelin with the most elemental abilities.
  • Interceptor Icon.png Interceptor: The nimble javelin that thrives on melee actions.

The following are older models still in use:

The following are newer models:

The following are modified variants of existing models:

  • Mining and Excavation Colossus: As the name states, this is used in heavy non-combat operations by the Engineers.

Other javelin variations may be in use, but remain unrevealed as of now.

Legion of Dawn Javelins

The Legion of Dawn, who created the first javelins, have at least two known types that are discovered as of 468 LV:

  • The Javelin of Dawn : The first javelin and one of its kind.
  • Legion Lancers’ Javelins: Javelins equipped by skilled Legion pilots and Legionnaires.

Other javelin variations might have been developed, but remain unrevealed as of now.

Dominion Javelins

The Dominion has have several javelins in their arsenal. Below are the known types:

  • Valkyrie: Javelins capable of indefinite flight and elemental prowess.
  • Elementalist: A javelin with more health than a Valkyrie javelin.
  • Monitor: A large javelin piloted by secret operatives who are also cyphers.

Additional Dominion Javelins in other media:

  • Dominion Heavy Javelin in the Art of Anthem.

Other javelin variations may be in use, but remain unrevealed as of now.

Outlaw and Regulator Javelins

The Outlaws have access to two javelins. The Regulators also have been known to use them:

  • Wasteland Ranger: A javelin whose capabilities are between that of Ranger Mark One and Ranger Mark Two.
  • Elementalist: A javelin with more health than a Valkyrie javelin.

Note: The Regulators are also known to possess Colossus and Interceptor. They are only mentioned in the short story Bountiful Hunt. Their interceptor seems to have been modified to possess different melee and ultimate abilities.

Scar javelins

Scars have created 5 types of javelins from scraps and existing javelins, and all of them for combat:

Additional Scar javelins in other media:

Scars are very resourceful, so they may be making newer javelin variations behind the scenes.

Urgoth Javelins

As of 468 LV, Urgoth have not been known to use any javelins. Prior to that, Urgoth were twice the size of a human, which is why Javelins were invented in the first place—to tackle these overlords head on.

Pirates of Blood Wind Javelins

More information about them can be found in Anthem (New Game Build). Unfortunately, not much is known about the Pirates of Blood Wind, except from what was shown in the artwork, as they are merely concepts that never made it out:

  • Grenadier: Has the appearance of a modified Ranger Javelin.
  • Gunner: Has the appearance of a Scar Hunter Javelin.

Other javelin variations may be in use, but remain unrevealed as of now.


Currently, the player has access to 4 javelins:

Javelins can be built in several ways, whether it is appearance cosmetics, or combat Loadouts.

Javelins Prepare for Battle

At the beginning, until Pilot Level 2, only the Ranger javelin with limited abilities is available to the player. After that, the player had the option to unlock any of the four javelins in any order at pilot levels 2, 8, 16, and 26, courtesy of Corvus.

Each javelin has 13 slots to equip combat items. These slots unlock as the pilot level increases (from 1 to 30). One of these slots is reserved for a plot item called Dawn Shield which cannot be removed.

Depending on the rarity of the items equipped, the javelin can be upgraded. A javelin’s power level can be increased—anywhere from power level 4 up to power level 960—by equipping it with higher power level items. These items are stored in the vault and are usually found as loot drops while in combat or loot from opening Treasure Chests. Combat equipment can also be purchased in Regulator Store and Seasonal Store or obtained as Guardians’ Gifts in the tombs of the Guardians of Dawn.

Javelins are also be personalized in the forge by giving them appearance changes. Vinyls, Wear States, Arrival Animations, Victory Poses, Emotes, and Materials for the Armor Packs can be equipped. These appearance changes can be unlocked through challenges, purchased for coin or shards in Featured Store, or purchased using crystals in the Seasonal Store. Some items can also be purchased by using coin in the forge. Several cosmetic items are also obtained through limited time events by using seasonal currencies such as the Elysian Caches using the Elysian Keys.

New javelin types may be released during the life-span of the game.

Javelin Rarity

A Javelin available to the Freelancer has a total of 12 combat slots to make its performance optimal. There is also one special slot specific to the story:

  • 1 Gear 1 Slot
  • 1 Gear 2 Slot
  • 1 Gear 3 (Support) Slot
  • 1 Melee Weapon Slot
  • 2 Weapon (Guns) Slots
  • 6 Component Slots
  • 1 Dawn Shield Slot (Not counted towards Power Level)

Depending on the rarity of the embers used, items of different rarity can be crafted or obtained by means such as Guardians Gifts, Regulator Store, Loot, or Seasonal Store. These Weapons, Gears, and Components have a specific level called Power, that is capped at different numeric values. When the Power of each equipped item is added, the Javelin’s Power Level is obtained. This Power Level defines the rarity of said Javelin:

Power Level
Javelin Rarity
Common Javelin Full.png
Common Javelin
Common flat.png
Uncommon Javelin Full.png
Uncommon Javelin
Uncommon flat.png
Rare Javelin Full.png
Rare Javelin
Rare flat.png
Epic Javelin Full.png
Epic Javelin
Epic flat.png
Masterwork Javelin Full.png
Masterwork Javelin
Masterwork flat.png
Legendary Javelin Full.png
Legendary Javelin
Legendary flat.png


  • When a javelin is severely damaged, it shows signs of wear by bringing out sparks and worn out looks. This is true for ally and enemy javelins. This is mended upon grabbing a repair pack.
  • Ranger is the most popular javelin used by almost every faction in Bastion.
  • Colossus was created by Bastions’ Engineers. It is based on the original Legion of Dawn Javelins.
  • Storm is a reverse engineered Valkyrie javelin. It cannot hover indefinitely but has access to more seals and elemental abilities.
  • Interceptor is a unique javelin, and the javelin with the least screen time, with 3 (including the Freelancer) in game, and 2 in Anthem: Conviction.
  • All Dominion javelins have gold plated designs on them.
  • There are only two instances of ever seeing the Monitor javelin being equipped: The Monitor in the game, and a different Monitor in Anthem: Conviction.
  • All Scar javelins are repurposed from scraps and javelin parts found in abandoned or wasted javelins. Scouts and Hunters use the torso of a Ranger MK2, while Enforcer is a modified Colossus.
  • All Outlaw javelins are likely stolen from the Bastion or Dominion lancers, or purchased from Regulators. Some outlaws are known to modify their javelins.
  • Cyphers are discouraged from piloting javelins because they are very sensitive to their surroundings. But that doesn’t mean they cannot pilot a javelin.
  • Cyphers aren’t needed to pilot a javelin, contrary to the popular belief. Having a Cypher means additional senses to the pilot so that they can perceive any incoming dangers and be prepared. In fact, the original Legion of Dawn javelins never used cyphers, as altered humans only started showing up since the 3rd century LV.
  • Piloting a javelin needs specialized training in the case of humans. The skill levels increase in the order below:
    • Interceptor > Storm > Ranger > Colossus.
  • All known javelins have at least one customization aspect that is unique to its faction. Usually, it is a vinyl or colors that represents a faction.
  • Javelin preferences based on Bastion Factions. This is not limited, but just a preference:
    • Ranger (Mark Two) and Storm: Freelancers
    • Ranger Mark One: Sentinels
    • Colossus: Engineers
    • Interceptor: Corvus
  • According to the Art of Anthem and Anthem Prima Guide:
    • Each javelin is crafted with care. When new javelins are made and shipped out from Heliost, the engineers and the people who make it celebrate.
    • Javelins are 7 to 9 feet tall, with Colossus and Monitor being the tallest and Interceptor being the shortest.
    • During early concepts of the game, javelins couldn't fly, but could only jump or glide.
    • Interceptor and Storm were supposed to be javelins that appeared differently for different genders.
    • Bioware reached out to Henchmen Studios to make life-size javelins.
    • Javelins are the kernels around which the gameplay, systems, and the world is designed.


Javelins Logo.png  Javelins
Bastion RangerColossusStormInterceptor
Ranger Mark One
Legion of Dawn The Javelin of Dawn
Dominion ValkyrieElementalistMonitor
Wasteland RangerElementalist
Scar ScrapperDestroyerScoutEnforcerHunter