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Created as a scout-suit for explorative and diplomatic missions, the Interceptor is the most agile and acrobatic javelin a lancer can find.
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Interceptor is a versatile javelin created in Bastion by Corvus.

This javelin is available only to the most skilled Freelancers, Corvus agents, and certain other lancers, and made available by the Corvus faction for diplomatic and covert missions of Bastion. With powerful blades and a full suite of devastating abilities, the Interceptor is both incredibly self-reliant and excellent at providing support to the squad. As with all technology, the Regulators have also stolen this javelin's design and modified it.

The Interceptor excels in getting close to deal damage to enemies, then dashing away before they can react. Unleashing lightning-fast maneuverability to pull off powerful offensive abilities, the Interceptor makes the impossible look easy.[1].


Like most items on Bastion, Interceptor was designed and created in Heliost, but with the help of Corvus.

Thought to be the toughest javelin to master, interceptor is the most agile and acrobatic javelin a lancer can use. In the right hands, the Interceptor's speed is unmatched. Although provided by Corvus to the most skilled lancers of Bastion, Regulators are known to possess a few models of Interceptor with them. It is very likely they stole or repurposed abandoned javelins.

The Freelancer used a new Ranger Mk.2 once their training was complete. However, it was severely damaged during the mission to Silence the Heart of Rage in 466 LV. Between 466 LV and 468 LV, they obtained another Ranger Mk.2 Javelin, which was severely worn out and hindering in performance. However, because of an interest shown by Corvus, who persuaded them to figure out a method to silence the Heart of Rage in 468 LV, they obtained brand new models of Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor javelins.

Cortex Entries

The following Cortex Entries provide details about Interceptor:

Other Variants

Interceptor is the only javelin that does not have any known variations, making it the most unique among all javelins available to the lancers of Bastion.

The Regulators have stolen Interceptor technology and may have made modifications to the way the javelin functions with special ember rings. This isn't explicitly shown in-game, but is given a lot of emphasis in the lore through Bountiful Hunt, a short story.


Interceptor has access to the following Damage Types:

  • Acid-icon Acid
  • Armor Buster-icon Armor Buster
  • Fire-icon Fire
  • Ice-icon Ice
  • Impact-icon Impact
  • Lightning-icon Lightning
  • Shield Breaker-icon Shield Breaker

Interceptor has the following combat abilities:

  • Interceptor Gear:
    • Assault System: A Gear that can be launched at enemies. This item usually targets enemies in the distance.
    • Strike System: A Gear that is instilled at enemies. This item targets enemies that are in melee range.
    • Support System: A gear that can be deployed around the Interceptor, but usable by all allies. It can nullify status effects within a radius or weaken specific enemies depending on its type.
  • Interceptor Melee Weapon:
    • Blades: Interceptor pulls out blades from both its wrists and deal two hits with each melee strike. The first hit deals twice the damage than the second hit. It can chain the melee strikes on enemies and prime or detonate depending on its type. This can be performed on ground or from air. Air melee always does higher damage, but difficult to perform.
    • Dagger: A nine inch long poison seeping dagger is used by an interceptor lancer in Bountiful Hunt.
  • Interceptor Ultimate:
    • Assassin's Blades: A final ability that takes a long time to charge but can cause havoc when launched at enemies. Assassin's Blades projects a shadow onto each enemy that the interceptor successfully strikes. This shadow does continuous damage to the target while the ultimate lasts. As an added effect, the Interceptor can also strike enemies during the ultimate to deal additional damage, usually half that of the shadow. The ultimate also makes the javelin invulnerable until it lasts.
    • Bolt Lance: It is a palm-sized cylinder, through which white lightning eruptes from both ends, crackling with power. A blast from the bolt lance will condense around enemies, entrapping them in a glittering web of blue starlight. This final ability takes a really long time to recharge.
  • Interceptor Combo:
    • Combo Aura: Interceptor can perform Combinations during an encounter. Combo Aura is the special combo ability that is available only to Interceptors. This combo when detonated, takes the damage-type of the primer and applies an aura on the interceptor. This aura can do damage over time to all enemies and apply a status effect to enemies within a specific radius. This damage cannot be increased (without using de-buffing abilities), however, the number of damage ticks done over time can be increased.
  • Interceptor Weapons:
  • Interceptor Performance:
    • Armor and Shields: Assisted by Interceptor Specific and Universal Components.
    • Combat Performance: Assisted by Interceptor Specific and Universal Components.


Interceptor is a nimble javelin. Like all javelins, it can be used in multiple ways. However, its default version is designed to do specific tasks [2].

  • Focus: Agility
  • Offense Style: Single-target
  • Evasive Maneuver: Triple Dash
  • Jump Type: Triple Jump
  • Flight: Booster Assisted
  • Flight Evasive Maneuver: Barrel Roll
  • Hover Time: Standard
  • Action Speed: Fast
  • Armor: Moderately Armored
  • Shields: Low Kinetic Shields on ground and while hovering


Interceptor has several customization options along with paint jobs:

  • Armor Packs and Armor Parts
  • Materials and Metal Platings
  • Vinyls
    • Interceptor Specific Vinyls: Default Interceptor Decal and Empowered Interceptor
    • Universal Vinyls
  • Wear States
  • Arrival Animations
    • Interceptor Specific Arrival Animation
    • Universal Arrival Animations
  • Victory Poses
    • Interceptor Specific Victory Poses
    • Universal Victory Poses
  • Emotes
    • Interceptor Specific Emotes
    • Universal Emotes

Crafting and Upgrades

Interceptor Dawn Shield

Interceptor Combat Slots

Interceptor Requires Interceptor Parts to craft its javelin specific gear, melee weapons, and components along with other standard crafting items obtained by harvesting. It can also use universal components and guns.

An Interceptor has a total of 12 combat slots available to it to make its performance optimal. There is also one special slot specific to the story:

  • 1 Assault System Slot
  • 1 Strike System Slot
  • 1 Support System Slot
  • 1 Melee Weapon Slot
  • 2 Weapons (Gun) Slots
  • 6 Component Slots
  • 1 Dawn Shield Slot (Not counted towards Power Level)

Depending on the rarity of the embers used, items of different rarity can be crafted or obtained by other means such as Guardians Gifts, Regulator Store, Loot, or Seasonal Store. These items have a specific level called Power, that is capped at different numeric values. When the Power of each equipped item is added, Interceptor’s Power Level is obtained. This Power Level defines the rarity of Interceptor:

Power Level Interceptor Rarity
0-383 Common InterceptorCommon flat
384-431 Uncommon InterceptorUncommon flat
432-455 Rare InterceptorRare flat
456-731 Epic InterceptorEpic flat
732-899 Masterwork InterceptorMasterwork flat
900-960 Legendary InterceptorLegendary flat

Prominent Users

There are many, many users of this javelin. However, these are the prominent people known to use it:


  • During cut scenes, the Freelancer’s gender will modify the appearance of an interceptor. For instance, broader shoulders for males, and narrower for females. This does not work during the matchmaking screen animation when the javelin comes out of the launch pad, however.
  • Interceptor is the smallest of the four javelins available.
  • Interceptor’s original name was Nova to indicate it was the newest javelin. But according to lore, Storm turned out to be the newest javelin. However, since Storm is a modified Valkyrie that the Dominion had been using for a long time, Interceptor is indeed the newest and the most unique javelin available.
  • Interceptor is the only javelin that can extend the duration of its swimming under deep water by using appropriate components.
  • Each Interceptor is custom built for every lancer that uses it.



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