The Interceptor is a javelin type focused on speed and mobility.


The Interceptor was designed by Corvus in order to serve as a scout. [1] It might not have the imposing silhouette of the Colossus, but it still knows how to pack a punch. The Interceptor excels at getting up next to enemies to deal damage and then dashing away before they can strike back. With powerful blades and a full suite of devastating abilities, the Interceptor is both incredibly self-reliant and an excellent supporting squadmate. [2]

In-Game Description: "Created as a scout-suit for explorative and diplomatic missions, the Interceptor is the most agile and acrobatic javelin a lancer can find. Lightning fast, close-range attacks combined with specialized weaponry will thrill lancers who crave speed on the battlefield." [3]


The Interceptor is one of the game's lighter suits. It can be considered analogous to a 'rogue' class, as its agility greatly supersedes other javelins. It is designed for melee combat, where the player should hit and run, as the Interceptor is very fragile. [1]


  • Assassin's Blades (Ultimate) - The Interceptor becomes supercharged, arming its assassin’s blades and carving through enemies at high speed. Each target hit by one of these melee attacks will be hit continuously by echoes of the original attack over a 10-second duration. This is a highly precise attack that lets the Interceptor choose his targets carefully and single them out for huge damage. [4]
  • Aura Combo - Enemies near the javelin gain the elemental effect over time. [5]
  • Triple Dash


  • The Freelancer's gender will not affect its appearance in-game. [6]
  • The pilot’s feet are locked in a permanent “tip-toe” position, commonly associated with ballet, meaning that the Interceptor is, quite literally, a bladedancer.
  • Unlike every other Javelin, the Interceptor’s pilot’s feet are in the shins of the Javelin, not the upper-thighs.
  • The Interceptor is near-identical to a Vanu Sovereignty Infiltrator with the Cyclopean helmet.



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