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A human

Humans are denizens of the world of Anthem.



Physically, humans are outmatched by the other creatures that they share their world with.[1] They are constantly dwarfed by the other creatures of the world,[2] and are forced to reside in fortress-like cities.[3] However, through the use of Javelins, they are able to hold their own in the wild. Javelins were engineered from Shaper technology, but the advancement of human society is not on the same level as these suits. In some cases, it is outright primitive.[1] Humans in general do not try to attempt to explain the phenomena of their world; the scientific method does not exist in their society.[4] Humans are without any kind of formal healthcare—if they are injured/infected, they either perish, or must handle it on their own.[5]

Some humans possess psychic (or similar) powers. These include kinesis (specifically the ability to levitate)[6] and in the case of cyphers, telepathy.[7]


Human ruins

The origins of the world lie so far back in the past that it has passed from memory into myth. Everyone has their own opinion of where they came from and why they're here[1] and stories have been told over time to try and explain the nature of the world.[8] Different groups, organizations, and sects have emerged in human society trying to answer the question of human origins. It is clear that, given the presence of human ruins in the wilderness, that humans have been on this world for quite some time.[1] The Monitor has claimed that the Anthem of Creation has "destroyed entire civilizations,"[9] possibly accounting for the ruins of prior civilizations.[10] Some think that humanity was created by a Cataclysm.

For centuries, humanity lived at the mercy of the world, unable to rise above the violent chaos that shook the land and mutated the world's creatures.[11] They were under the rule of the Urgoth during this period.[12] While reliable historical evidence are virtually non-existent, historians theorize that humanity was held under the rule of the Urgoth for centuries.

While many humans were consigned to their fate, others worked in secret to obtain their kind's independence. Because the Urgoth did not possess the capability to manipulate ember, a task which was delegated to humans, it granted the resistance some leeway. In passing their knowledge from generation to generation, the inventor-scientists known as the first Arcanists eventually created the javelins. The javelins became the primary weapon of the Legion of Dawn, which allowed human civilization to develop and for the construction of fortified settlements as protection from the outside world.[10] Under the leadership of General Helena Tarsis, humanity openly rebelled against the Urgoth, eventually establishing their independence at the Battle of Antium, at which Tarsis lost her life defeating the Urgoth leader.[12][13]

Following Tarsis' death, the Legion divided into three separate factions: the Dominion, who followed Magna Stral into the harsh north; the Sentinels, founded by Arden Vassa to protect the Royal House of Bastion and all its subjects; and the Freelancers, founded by Midderon, altruistic mercenaries who pro-actively fight against the dangers of a hostile world and silencing the Anthem's terrible Cataclysms.

In the present however, humanity is scattered across various enclaves (including Fort Tarsis). They have been pushed to the brink, holding out against animals mutated by the Shapers' abandoned relics.[14]


Various humans

  • It has been stated by the developers that the humans of Anthem are not of Earth; they have no ties to Earth or any other planet, and whatever their origins, they originated on the world depicted in the game.[1] No humans possess inter-planetary technology.[4]
  • Compared to real-world humanity, the humans of Anthem are less technologically advanced. Javelins are the key exception.[8]
  • It has been indicated that the humans of Anthem celebrate events in a manner similar to their real-world counterparts.[15]
  • It has been indicated that humanity doesn't keep any domesticated animals, and that their sources of meat come from hunting in the wild. However, the Freelancers don't take part in any hunting activities.[2]
  • Humans are the only playable race in the game.[2]
  • Humans do not practice magic.[4]