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Holidays are small events based on the yearly calendar that are primarily driven by unique challenges. These challenges will run for one to four weeks, depending on the holiday. They were made available during the Update 1.7.0.

Holidays bring out Festive challenges during their run.

Some of the larger holidays will include changes to the weekly gameplay mode or decorations in Fort Tarsis and the world.

Certain past challenges with cosmetics rewards can also be brought back during the holiday, so if any rewards are missed, this would be an excellent opportunity to get them.

Note: The list parallels real world holidays and events mentioned in the table every year until the game's servers are shut down. But since Anthem's further development was canceled on its second Anniversary, the list won't be updated. However, by looking at the real world parallel, it must be easy to map the Festive Holiday in Anthem.

List of Holidays in the year 2021

Start End Holiday Real World Parallel
Feb 23 Mar 2 Founding of Fort Tarsis Anthem's Second Anniversary
Jan 19 Jan 25 The Escari Tide Unknown (Very Likely Lunar New Year)

List of Holidays in the year 2020

Start End Holiday Real World Parallel
Feb 25 Mar 2 Founding of Fort Tarsis Anthem's First Anniversary
Mar 17 Mar 30 Javelin Madness Spring Equinox / St. Patrick's Day
Apr 7 Apr 13 Feast of Renewal Easter
May 19 May 25 Tarsis Day Memorial Day
Jun 30 Jul 6 Battle of Freemark Day Canada Day, 4th of July, and Summer Solstice
Jul 28 Aug 3 Path to Glory (Festive) Summer Olympics
Aug 4 Aug 10 Freelancer Day Anniversary of the First released Cataclysm
Sep 22 Sep 28 Fruits of the Hunt Fall Equinox
Oct 6 Nov 2 Season of Skulls (Festive) Halloween and Remembrance Day
Nov 24 Nov 30 Summit Celebration Thanksgiving (American)
Dec 8 Jan 5 Icetide (Festive) Christmas, New Year's Day, and Winter Solstice