"Our world is a violent and cruel place. For centuries, we lived at its mercy, unable to rise above the violent chaos that shook our land and mutated the creatures around us. We would be suffering still, if not for the Legion of Dawn. Under the eye of General Helena Tarsis, they built the first javelins, protected us from the chaos, and created a new future for all those who came after. Their story – her story – is what makes ours possible."

Helena Tarsis was the leader of the Legion of Dawn.[1]


The Legion of Dawn

"In the beginning, we were slaves to the violent chaos of this world. But there was one among us...who rose up. To lead us out of darkness. The ones who followed, became the Legion of Dawn. And protected those who could not protect themselves. In the end...she traded her life...for our future."

Helena Tarsis

Helena lived 500 years ago[2] in a grim period for humanity; every day was a struggle just to survive, with few resources available, and little time to utilize them. Helena, however, envisioned something different.

Tarsis, her husband Garred the Chronicler, and inventor Arden Vassa recruited and trained the first of the Legion of Dawn to overthrow the urgoth. Arden Vassa built the Javelin of Dawn. This was the first Javelin, and one was given to each of Helena's disciples. With these powerful tools at their disposal, General Tarsis led the Legion of Dawn to victory against the urgoth, finally giving humanity a chance to live in peace.[3] Tarsis fell in battle preventing the ungoth's final act of vengeance, the attack on the human settlement of Antium.

She led humanity to a place of strength and security, where they could build a fortified city that would withstand the nightmarish threats that roamed the lands. This led to the creation of Fort Tarsis, which was named after her.[4] She came to favor using the Colossus Javelin.[5]

Helena battles an ash titan

Tales of Helena's deeds from this time exist, though are unknown to be true. The Freelancers tell a story of her scaling a mountain to defeat a massive beast at its peak to protect the people below. The Sentinels tell of a valiant stand where she and her lancers protected a village in the path of disaster.[3] She has been shown to have singlehandedly slain an ash titan. In the end, Helena sacrificed herself for the good of humanity.[6]


"It is in her honor that we fight. And it is her legacy...that will carry the day."
– A Freelancer

A statue of Helena

The Tomb of Tarsis

After her death, a statue of Helena was erected in her honor. Murals of her story can be found inside Fort Tarsis.[3]

In the current day, Helena has taken on "mythical" status.[5] Stories of her valor, might, and resolve are used as guidelines that teach the people of Antium how to live.[3] She is venerated by both the Freelancers and Sentinels. It is believed that some artifacts from her life remain in the Fortress of Dawn. However, the Fortress has stood firm through the centuries, sealed against any who try to open it.[3]


  • The Volume of Tarsis claims that she was the lone survivor of an escaped group of slaves, though the General reportedly spoke little about her past.
  • Sometime after her death, she was reportedly spotted near Anshar, prompting the belief that she would rise again and inspiring construction of the Helena's Walk temple.


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