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The Heart of Rage is like no Cataclysm we've seen before. The wind throws around enormous debris like children's toys. Striders have little chance of surviving the Cataclysm intact, and lancers have died attempting to travel inside. There is no immediate solution, but if its expansion remains unchecked, the creatures and destruction it creates will ravage the countryside. Shadowmark has already been evacuated. Fort Tarsis may eventually be next.
— From Cataclysms and their Effects, 44th edition

In the year 458 L.V., everything was peaceful in Bastion—relatively speaking. Cities were bustling with life, people living inside the safety of walls, factions working their best to keep humanity safe and sound.

Lively Freemark

One such city was Freemark. At that time, the Northern-most and one of the largest walled cities of Bastion, and home to the biggest Freelancer Enclave. The city was proud of all its achievements in keeping its citizens safe.

However, one day, a large horde of an invading army, called the Dominion, appeared in Bastion and changed everything forever. The army marched in with their soldiers and weaponized striders. No one knew why they attacked the city. People assumed that the Dominion being a totalitarian militaristic nation from the northern parts of Coda, wanted to seize Bastion to bring it under their control.

The Freelancers and Sentinels fought bravely to stop this army. But the Dominion lancers called Valkyries were a tough match. The Dominion also released weaponized abominations called Furies, to break into the city.

As the city walls were destroyed, the invading army marched in. There stood the two masterminds of the invasion: A Dominion Arcanist called Doctor Harken and a never before seen secret operative called the Monitor.

While the Freelancers such as Adams and Jani fought against the Dominion along with help from Cyphers such as Kismet, the Sentinels gradually started disappearing. At first it would seem like they were being wiped out, but it became clear what their goal was when Jani was thrashed by a Fury and accidentally stumbled upon the Sentinels closing a Shaper door to a ruin. No one but the Sentinels knew of this door’s existence. And it became clear that the Dominion was actually interested in what was behind this door.

Shaper Energy Released Moments before the Destruction of Freemark

The Dominion fought through all defenses, killed many, many people, and reached the Shaper Door. The Valkyries, the Monitor, and Harken entered through it with a container. They killed all the Sentinels standing in their way to reach the Shaper ruin known as the Cenotaph. This ruin held a Shaper device at its center, also known as the Cenotaph.

As Jani flew away, she noticed Harken taking a device from the container and inserting it into the Cenotaph. In the next instant a huge wave of Shaper Energy was released by the Cenotaph making it fully volatile. A monstrous cataclysm was released at that instant, destroying the whole city of Freemark with it. This cataclysm was called the Heart of Rage.

Thousands died, few escaped. At that time no one knew what happened to the Dominion Arcanist and the Monitor. Jani was able to rescue a child, while Adams escaped the cataclysm along with a few other survivors. Kismet was consumed by the cataclysm, and Freemark was obliterated into a ruin.

The Storm brewing above the skies of Freemark

Ash Titans, Chimera, Wyverns and Elementals began to come out of the cataclysm. This cataclysm lingered for a whole decade. With the fall of Freemark, the reputation of the Freelancers fell, and their numbers dwindled. The survivors were taken into nearby cities of Shadowmark, which itself did not survive long because of the spreading Heart of Rage. Everyone was evacuated to the now Northernmost walled town of Bastion called Fort Tarsis.

The Heart of Rage affected everything. Wyvern, once rare in the Bastion, began to burn the world. The Emerald Abyss became a source of unexplainable disappearances, and Shadowmark began sinking. Ash Titans, creatures that nearly faded into myth, broke through the Shadow Lock and began stomping closer to Fort Tarsis.

Several attempts were made between 458 and 466 L.V. to silence the Heart of Rage. But all attempts failed. During the first attempt, one Freelancer survived and brought back a Corium sample for the fort. During the latest attempt in 466, 20 lancers and 3 Cyphers, were left catatonic by the cataclysm.

This cataclysm was eventually silenced by three survivors of the 466’s attempt: one brave freelancer, a Cypher and a Strider Pilot, along with the help of their friend who unfortunately betrayed them during the quest to silence it. The Heart of Rage was silenced completely in 468 L.V.