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A Lightning Strike Caused by a Storm Gate

Coda is a beautiful planet. It is also, equally dangerous! Apart from the menacing wildlife, treacherous plantlife, and destructive cataclysms, there are other natural hazards found here.

The most prominent hazard types shown so far are:

  • Ripstreams
  • Waterfalls
  • Lightning Discharge
  • Lava
  • Weather Phenomena
  • Shaper Hazards


Each type of hazard is designed to affect the gameplay. The hazards can be friendly, such as waterfalls, but also damaging, like ripstreams. The hazards are mostly localized, so not all types of dangers can be experienced at the same time.

The best way to avoid a hazard is by not entering one! There are cues that lets the Freelancer know when a certain type of hazard will begin to affect them. Each hazard page has detailed explanation on how they work.