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Harvesting is collecting crafting resources found throughout Northern Bastion to craft weapons, gears, components, and sigils.

Usually, embers can also be harvested along with crafting resources as a by-product. The type of Ember obtained is random and usually dependent on how rare the ember is.

Cortex Entry

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Check Cortex Entry: Echo Mirages for More Information

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The first precept of Raban Maur's Theory of Amplifonic Force states that the creative force of the Anthem cannot be stopped or contained. An important rule to examine because it is not simply true in the grand sense, it's true at every scale.
In the case of echoes, for example: although they can often seem inert to the unaided eye, they inevitably transform the minerals and microorganisms surrounding them over time, and even eventually create new material. And it is a well-documented phenomenon that stronger echoes, possessing greater resonance, will take on temporary forms.
These echoes mimic flora and fauna to such an extraordinary degree that more than one unsuspecting traveler has mistaken one for a fellow human, and only learned their mistake at the end of a lengthy, if confusing, conversation, when the mirage abruptly vanished

— From Cataclysms and their Effects, 1st Edition

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Several organic plants can provide valuable resources for crafting and scientific purposes.


There are 3 Organic compounds which can be harvested by interacting or destroying. Organic compounds which can be harvested, provide Chimeric Compound. They also occasionally provide Embers.

Organic Compound 1.png
Organic Compound 2.png
Organic Compound 3.png
Found mostly in open grassy areas
Found mostly in caves and dark places
Found mostly in regions with open water

Ice Flower

Ice Flowers when harvested provide Ice flower sap, which can be used as coolant. It can only be harvested inside Shaper bubbles (also called Shaper Globes) during Icetide. Ice Flowers sap can be harvested only during Ice Flower Frenzy.

Ice Flower Frenzy Image.png
Ice Flower plant in a Shaper Ice Globe


Several open mineral nodes can provide valuable resources for crafting and scientific purposes.

Mineral Nodes

There are 3 minerals which can be harvested by interacting or destroying. The mineral nodes which can be harvested, provide Chimeric Alloy. They occasionally provide Embers.

Mineral Node 1.png
Mineral Node 2.png
Mineral Node 3.png
Found in open areas and grassy areas
Found inside caves and dark areas
Found underwater or near shallow water in caves


Corium is a special mineral formed inside a Titan when it dies. They can also be found inside Luminaries who obtain these rare minerals from fallen titans. Corium can only be harvested when there is a need for it, such as Crafting the Dawn Shield. Corium can only be obtained as Key Item when needed.

Corium Crystal.png
Corium inside Fort Trasis Enclave


Crystals are formed when there are extreme Shaper related anomalies in Coda. They form all across Northern Bastion when cataclysms occur.

Crystals are considered very valuable and come in small and large varieties, and both can be harvested. The small variety can be found anywhere, whereas the large variety can only be found around Storm Clouds or inside conjunctions.

If there is no intense Shaper activity, crystals only provide embers. Crystals are said to resonate like embers according to cortex entires, which means they can be used to make powerful seals.

Small Shaper Crystal.png
An Argent Glinting Small Crystal


Salvaging is the act of collecting resources from abandoned javelins, hidden containers, or breaking down unwanted equipment. Salvaged goods always provide the appropriate crafting resources.

Abandoned Javelins

Often times, lancers will have to abandon their javelins when severely damaged. These javelins still contain valuable Javelin Parts which can be harvested for parts. Most, if not almost all abandoned javelins are either Ranger or Colossus as these two are the most popular types.

Interceptor haven't been found abandoned for now as they are either used for diplomatic missions by corvus or specialized Freelancers. Storm javelins are not found either because they are mostly used by Dominion or specialized Freelancers.

Abandonned Colossus.png
Abandonned Ranger.png
Abandoned Colossus
Abandoned Ranger

Salvage Boxes

There several camps where people store items and forget them. These items can be salvaged for weapon parts, chimeric compounds, and chimeric alloys.

In active camps, these do not indicate whether they can be salvaged or not, but they have a health bar and glow. These are destructible boxes and their contents can only be obtained by breaking them apart.

The rusted boxes found under water cannot be destroyed.

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Salvage Box Active.png
New Box which can be destroyed or interacted with
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Rusted Box which must be destroyed to harvest

Salvaging in Forge or Vault

Combat Equipment can also be salvaged for crafting resources in the Forge or the Vault inside Fort Tarsis.

Treasure Chests

All treasure chests are designed to provide Embers other than loot. Some can even provide Chimeric Alloy, Chimeric Compound, Weapon Parts and javelin parts, especially in early game.

Freeplay World Event Chest.png
A closed Treasure Chest

Destructible Boxes

Destructible Boxes when destroyed using weapons or gear in Seasonal Expeditions, provide Cymatic Notes and a crafting resource such as Weapon Parts, Javelin Part, Chimeric Compound or Chimeric Alloy.

Pots and Camp Containers

When pots and other containers inside active or abandoned camps are destroyed, they can provide resupply units such as repair-kit and ammo.