Grabbit Training! is a small guide on how to train a grabbit written by Venwick Crok.


Taming a grabbit requires a great deal of patience and understanding, but once you've earned their trust (and cleared possession with your settlements), they make a wonderful pet! Here're some handy tips to get you started.

- Careful not to scare them! Grabbits are extremely jumpy (no pun intended) and unless you tempt them with shiny objects, they are more likely to flee than make friends. Offering them some chimeric compound or even polished ammunition is a great way to introduce yourself or lure them into a cage.

- Lock up your treasures! As mentioned, grabbits love shiny objects and will steal what they can to add to their hoard. Once you find their stash of goodies, they will fight you for it, unleashing a remarkable fury that you wouldn't expect from such an adorable creature.

- Careful about the poo! Grabbit poo is not only extremely toxic but leaves a nasty purple stain that can only be removed by the equally nasty stinkhand plant. So make sure you have lots of leaves and grass for them to deposit their droppings on.

- Grabbits follow the leader! This little cutie is usually part of a flock, and will automatically follow anyone who has earned their trust in almost every movement they do. Want to make your grabbit jig? Dance in from of them! But be careful about what you show them, for they will mimic your bad habits.

- Grabbits like other grabbits better than you! While you might be tempted to socialize your grabbit, don't do it. Once grabbits smell another of their kind, they will want to flock, and a flock of grabbits can cause real damage to settlements.

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