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Icon Used to Represent Gear 2

Gear 2 also called Secondary Gear are abilities used to deal damage to enemies or put them under a status effect during combat. Gear 2 usually ends up doing damage or induce status effect to only 1 target.

There are 40 lower version and 47 upgraded forms of Gear 2. If Rarity and Maximum power levels are considered, the total number of Gear 2 is 257.

There are four types of Gear 2, one each for every javelin type:

Note: The icon used here is only to differentiate between Gear 1 and Gear 2. There is only one gear icon used in the game.

Assault Launcher

Assault Launcher is a Ranger gear. Ranger’s Assault Launcher can shoot elemental energies or physical trauma inducing effects at its target. However, it can only target one enemy at a time. Most assault launchers can do weak point damage.

Ranger Icon.png Assault Launchers
Epic and Lower Masterwork and Higher

Heavy Assault Launcher

Heavy Assault Launcher is a Colossus gear. This gear is sometimes called Heavy Launcher. Colossus launches heavy elemental or physical trauma inducing projectiles or materials using a wrist-mounted launcher. All Heavy Assault Launchers can do damage to multiple enemies.

Colossus Icon.png Heavy Assault Launchers
Epic and Lower Masterwork and Higher

Focus Seal

Focus Seal is a Storm gear. Storm channels energy from the Anthem of Creation through the seals on its javelins to concentrate it towards one single target to damage or induce a status effect on it. The effects of this seal can cause damage to or induce status effect on multiple enemies. Some Focus Seals can do weak point damage.

Storm Icon.png Focus Seals
Epic and Lower Masterwork and Higher

Assault System

Assault System is an Interceptor gear. The interceptor does damage or induce status effects on its targets from a distance. All Assault Systems are objects that can be thrown at enemies. In fact, there is one where the Interceptor can hurl itself at the target with high speed to cause damage and induce status effects.

Interceptor Icon.png Assault Systems
Epic and Lower Masterwork and Higher


  • Gear 2 is called Ability 2 in the key binding menu of the game.
  • There are a total of 129 secondary gears in the game, when rarity and maximum power levels are taken into account.