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I could swear someone walked through here with some grilled gazick. And they didn't share any with me? Who are these people?

Gazicks are commonly found grazing fauna of Bastion.

Etymology and Anatomy

Gazick might be derived from the corruption of the word Gazelle (A thin, graceful ruminant creature). The plural of Gazick is Gazicks. A group of Gazicks is called a herd.

Gazicks are docile creatures. They are majestic fauna who leave a beautiful trail behind them as they move.

They aren’t shown in-game, but mentioned several times in many conversations. From their description, there are several images found in the Art of Anthem. Gazicks are supposed to be brightly colored.

Narrative Involvement

Gazicks are a source of food to the people of Bastion. Their meat is prized. Sometimes Gazicks are reared in farms. In fact, on one occasion as mentioned by a Fort Tarsis citizen, a Gazick farm was completely destroyed by a trampling Korox herd, indicating that Gazicks are not large creatures.

Gazicks are supposed to be very common. At least as common as Korox. However, they haven’t been shown in Northern Bastion in-game.

Trivia (May Contain Spoilers)

  • Gazick meat is sold in the market as food. If Gazick is smoked overnight, its meat falls right off the bones.
  • Gazicks can also spray acid on their enemies to do damage.
  • There are a couple of cortex entries found within the datamined files, which are made unavailable to the players as these creatures haven’t been shown in-game as of update 1.7.0. The following is the entry:
    • If you manage not to die within the first ten minutes of going beyond the wall, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this majestic grazing animal. No matter how tempting, don't get too close (acid spray!). It can be interesting to throw a rock at a gazick just to watch it flee. Vines and brambles instantly grow wherever it moves; it's a beautiful thing to behold. You may even feel the urge to stop for a spell and enjoy the wonder of the gazick's beautiful trail. Do not give in to that urge. Letting your guard down for even a second can be fatal, and you must make it back to safety.
      —From "A Guide To Living Things That Will Kill You" by Timon Batrok