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Freeplay is a game mode in Anthem. In this mode, players can explore the world in an undirected way that's focused on exploration and discovery. Players can meet up with others in this mode without having to form a squad.[1] Freeplay sessions are always public, and you can invite friends on the Squad page.

Collectibles, crafting materials, and worlds are all available to discover.

You can start a Freeplay mission from the Expedition Map. Select a Strider icon to explore the vast world alone or with friends.

Freeplay Terminology Icons

Location Location Icon Fast Travel

Fast Travel Icon

Gameplay Gameplay Icon Harvest Harvest Icon
World Event
Freeplay World Event.png
Strider Location
Strider Location.png
Target Enemy
Target Enemy.png
Loot Chest
Loot Chest-0.png
World Encounter
World Encounter-1.png
Legionnaire Tomb
Guardian Token.png
Defend the Area
Defend Area.png
Chimeric Alloy
Chimeric Alloy-0.png
Legendary World Event



Conjunction Anomaly.png
Object Drop Location
Drop Object.png
Chimeric Compound
Chimeric Compound-0.png
Time Trial
Time Trial.png
Hidden Place


Open Conjunction

Cave Dungeon-0.png
Interactable Object
Is it a Chest?

(Item of Interest)

Possible Chest.png
Landmark or Vista
Landmark or Vista.png
Revive Ally
Map icon revive.png
Enemy Gate Spawn
Enemy Gate Spawn.png
Enemy Ground Spawn
Enemy Ground Spawn.png
Destroy Object
Destroy Object.png

Freeplay Locations

Currently, players can only access Northern Bastion, but there is a lot to look at and explore.

Subregions of Northern Bastion

Academy Ruins
East Gate
Eastern Reach
Emerald Abyss
Fortress of Dawn

Great Falls Canyon
High Road
Monument Watch
Ruins of Shadowmark
Valley of Tarsis

Freeplay Events

There are plenty of Freeplay events constantly occurring in Bastion for Freelancers. They are classified into several types. All these events can be found here:.