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Valor to serve the people, regardless of their station.
Courage to bring silence when the Anthem sings.
Faith to keep my word and the word of my brethren.
Trust that the free answer when called.
Strong Alone, Stronger Together.
— From "The Freelancers Three" by Fallon Dalathie
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The Freelancers are a small[1] group of individuals tasked with safeguarding humanity and exploring the perilous lands outside the wall of Fort Tarsis.

Freelancer is both a generic and a specific term. In truth anyone who equips a javelin is referred to as a freelancer, oftentimes Lancer.[2] In retrospect, Sentinels, Valkyries, Elementalists, Outlaw Lancers are all technically freelancers.

This section portrays the Freelancer Faction found in Northern Bastion. They not only have Lancers in their faction, but also Cyphers, Agents, Grandmasters, Arcanists, and Engineers.

Freelancers are associated with the color Yellow.


Freelancer Squad

A standard Freelancer squad

The Freelancers are not technically a military organization. They are a faction which carries on the tradition of the Legion of Dawn, protecting the people of Fort Tarsis from the dangers of the outside world. They traditionally operate in squads, but may operate solo as well.

While the Sentinels mostly stay close to Fort Tarsis, Freelancers are tasked with venturing beyond the fort to deal with more esoteric threats, such as silencing Shaper relics[3] They venerate Midderon, who was the first Freelancer and Follow the Path of Valor, one of the paths analogous to General Helena Tarsis, while being the Legacy of the Legion of Dawn.[4]

While in the field, Freelancers are supported by cyphers, who provide them with the intelligence of the surroundings.[5] Every Freelancer team is given at least one cypher (sometimes more).[6]


Freelancer Statue

A Freelancer of old

After the death of Helena Tarsis, the Legion of Dawn divided into three factions. The Freelancers were one of these three, alongside the Sentinels and Paladins who were presumed to have become Dominion.[7] Using their Javelins, the Lancers were able to safeguard humanity, who built new cities and a new civilization.[8] The Dominion and the people of Bastion remain in conflict since the sepqration of the Legion of Dawn.

When the Dominion invaded the city of Freemark, they started a Cataclysm formed during the Battle of Freemark. A relic called the cenotaph was activated by the Dominion Arcanist Dr. Harken, unleashing an unstoppable Shaper storm known as the Heart of Rage. Freemark, which housed the Largest and most reputed Freelancer Enclave, crumbled with heavy casualties, destruction, and death. Freelancers such as Adams, Jani, and Kismet were the first hand Witness to this account. People lost trust in the Freelancers.

The Freelancers led by Haluk were sent Eight years later to shut down the Heart of Rage. The attempt was unsuccessful with casualties. Cyphers went into coma, Freelancer squads were completely obliterated. Two freelancers, Miller and Adair, from Haluk's team died confronting a Titan. At this time, the Freelancer was only a rookie, and convinced Haluk to retreat because they could no longer continue the battle.

Since then, the Freelancers were no longer revered as heroes, and have been forced to scrounge a living by taking mundane tasks throughout Bastion, trying to redeem themselves.[9] The Freelancers are still contracted for various tasks by the factions that operate within Fort Tarsis, but they fiercely retain their independence.[10] They still silence Shaper Relics, as they always had.

Two years after the Attempt to silence the Heart of Rage by Haluk's team, one of the members of the faction, only referred to as the Freelancer and Cypher Owen Corley, were contracted by Corvus agent Tassyn to bring Haluk and Faye back to finish the 'ten year old contract' of silencing the cenotaph, the relic which caused the Heart of Rage.

While they coincidentally shared a common goal (with the latter two revealed to be on a quest for the famed Javelin of Dawn), Haluk was initially reluctant and bitter towards the Freelancer in light of their falling out in the past.

The Freelancer and Haluk however, eventually reconcile for real after catching up with the latter when he is chasing down Owen who stole the Javelin of Dawn in hopes of using it as a bargaining chip to join the Dominion's cause.

Although Owen managed to escape worked independently due to his failure at gaining The Monitor's trust for a while, Haluk and the Freelancer receive the Javelin's shielding from their former comrade, enabling them to replicate it for their own Javelins and subsequently, stopping Dominion's plan to weaponize the Anthem, silencing the Heart of Rage once and for all, and redeeming their faction.

Months after silencing the Cenotaph, a mysterious Dominion group called the Spear unwillingly started another cataclysm called the Echoes of Reality. Dr. Harken was involved in this while convincing the leader of the Spear, Vara Brom to start the cataclysm for Stralheim by disturbing a shaper ruin. However, the Freelancer ventured into this storm multiple times, albeit with the help of Harken, stopping the cataclysm for good, gaining more faith among the people of Bastion.


In Anthem, every player creates and uses their own Freelancer pilot.

Known Freelancers[]


Various Freelancers

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  • Midderon is considered to be the first Freelancer because he silenced the Relic which spawned the chimera, Cindermaw. The relic silencing tradition is carried out by freelancers across Bastion.
  • There is evidence that Freelancers are paid for their services; statements from Owen reference bonuses and hazard pay.[1] They receive coin each time they increase their tier and also alliance bonus.
  • Freelancers have been described as "part explorer and part knight."[3]
  • It was originally stated that the Freelancers were uniquely qualified to pilot Javelins.[11]