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We lost much of our history when the Grand Wall in Freemark fell. We will rebuild in Fort Tarsis. Strong walls, good people.
— Freelancer Yarrow

Fort Tarsis is a small walled town in the northern frontier of the nation of Bastion. It is located in Northern Bastion. It used to be the halfway point between the cities of Freemark, Heliost, and Antium before the fall of Freemark and the invasion at Skystone.

As of 468 L.V., Fort Tarsis is the northern-most settlement of Bastion.


Fort Tarsis has a rich history of starting from being a small Legion of Dawn watchtower to becoming a bustling town full of life.

During pre-Legion Victorious era, because of the needs of the Legion, a watchtower was built to keep an eye out for urgoth activity. This watchtower was slowly abandoned once the Legion itself disbanded. But because of Liatrelle’s preparation, one of the Honor Guard of General Tarsis, known popularly as Yvenia the Forgewright, was laid to rest under the watchtower. Years passed, and as Bastion flourished, a decision to construct a whole settlement at the old Legion Watchtower was made in the middle of a thick jungle.


There was plenty of gray sturdy stones found around the watchtower, but the founders insisted on building it with pure white stone, as Arcanist Elsin explains in his work. The tenacious builders had to quarry and transport the stone from elsewhere—likely from Skystone Mine. The architects tried to defend their position in using the brown and gray materials found nearby. But the founders were adamant. They also wanted spires inside the fort, just like how the proud city of Freemark boasted its own.

The Tarsis passage was used to transport materials and build the fort on a hill. When the pristine silver and white spires of the fort rose up out of the verdant forests, people understood that Fort Tarsis was a shining beacon of hope. As a mark of honor, the Fort was named after the savior of mankind, General Helena Tarsis.

Even in the year 468 LV, the spires of Fort Tarsis can be seen from as far as the edge of Great Falls Canyon.


Banners Inside the Fort

There were several attempts of expanding Fort Tarsis from a small town to a large city. Several Arcanist records indicate that a Governor by the name of Tanner approved the fort’s expansion to the First Refuge by establishing a Radio Tower and keeping Sentinels around for protection.

There was a nifty reasoning behind this decision. The Honor Valley Dam was constructed in an effort to grow food for the residents, rather than a constant export from Antium and other places. Many citizens were brave enough to farm outside the walls. Sentinel towers were built to provide support in case of fauna attacks.

Unfortunately, the farming attempt happened after the Scar invasion into Bastion. While the people remained around Honor Valley, the Scars attacked. And with that, the Battle of the Crop Terraces, the longest known skirmish between humanity and scars commenced. It was a blood bath. All of the fort’s crops were decimated, and once again, the Fort had to turn to Antium for food supply. Humans won with great struggle and loss against this very first organized scar attack. The expansion was halted, and a decision was made to never allow the scar population to grow that large again.

Since the Heart of Rage

A Mural in Fort Tarsis by the Bard

After the destruction of Freemark and the cataclysm unleashed by it called the Heart of Rage in 458 LV, the surviving Freemark population and the Freelancers, whatever was left of them, were migrated to Fort Tarsis.

As the Heart of Rage grew in size, Titans and Wyverns started breaching the Shadow Lock, endangering the people of the already slowly sinking Shadowmark. All its residents were evacuated by help sent from Heliost, Fort Tarsis and Antium into the Fort.

468 LV—the Present Day

Once the Heart of Rage was silenced by a Freelancer and their team residing in Fort Tarsis in 468 LV, the fort became very popular. So much that an Augur decided to establish a shop for a while. But around this time, another cataclysm by the name of Echo of Reality was unleashed. The same Freelancer contained this cataclysm.

A mysterious group of Arcanists called the Symposium of Anshar have infiltrated the fort. While another mysterious group revealed themselves from the darkness after centuries, inside the fort to the same Freelancer.

Other incidents can be read in Fort Tarsis Times, the gazette of Fort Tarsis.

Politics, Leaders, and Factions

Matthias Lab in Fort Tarsis

The primary leader of Fort Tarsis is called the Governor. The most current leader is Governor Teak. Unfortunately, Teak was found murdered on his way to Antium. Currently, in 468 LV, the Fort has no governor. All duties are handled by Assistant Governor, Jutte Felhain.

Fort Tarsis is a home to all major factions: Freelancers, Sentinels, Cyphers, Arcanists, Engineers, Corvus, and Regulators.

Sentinels protect the citizens of the Fort inside the walls, and around them. They are the primary faction that enforces law in the fort. The Sentinel leader in the Fort is Sentinel Commander Vule.

Freelancers usually provide assistance during out-of-walls activities. The Freelancer leader in the fort is Grandmaster Adams

Cyphers are almost always inside the walls, to help the lancers in outside duties. The Cypher leader in the fort is Madam Chronicler.

Items Salvaged in the Vault

Engineers repair and build new items for fort residents and lancers.

Arcanists, when not performing academic duties, are found outside the walls doing field research, under the protection of ally lancers. They also work in several labs. They are often opposed by fort residents when they bring Shaper Relics into the fort.

Regulators establish both legal and illegal trades within the fort. They are primarily thieves, but inside the fort, they comply with the law (at least when they are being watched).

Corvus, the spy agency makes sure there are no immediate threats to the fort and coordinate with the Emperor in Antium.

Culture and Contemporary Life

Fort residents have numerous occupation unrelated to the afore mentioned factions: teachers, bakers, smiths, custodians, maintenance workers, laundry workers, bar tenders, merchants, mural cleaners etc., are some of the work that people do inside the fort.


Fort Tarsis celebrates several festive events throughout the year as holidays. Two of the most special and prominent holidays are the Season of Skulls and the Festival of Icetide.

Special events, activities, and foods are prepared during these times. The resident Bard, recites special events and plays for the residents during these times.

Art and Exhibitions

Several murals depicting the battles of the legion of Dawn can be found throughout the fort. In fact, because of the Freelancers efforts, a memorial to General Tarsis was built in 468 LV.

The Fort has a beautiful courtyard whose fountain was recently fixed. Banners of different faction fly everywhere. These banners change to different themes during festivals. There is also the market, bustling with life and hearty people.

The Launch Bay has several items of display, like the special Legion of Dawn themed armor pack for the Colossus.

Achievements and Sports

Feats of factions’ achievements can be found in their respective enclaves. The Freelancer Enclave has some of the finest trophies of victories and memorabilia, such as the rarest mineral corium and a Xagular Skull. The Arcanist enclave has research artifacts and equipment.

There are several sports teams and lancer guilds and clubs that participate in various sporting activities: Time Trials, Legionnaire Trials, book clubs, fashion clubs, Speed Disc League etc.

Foods and Drinks

The Nameless Bar of Fort Tarsis

Fort Tarsis residents import most foods because of the failed farming attempt, most food is hunted from hunting parties.

Meats such as fish, gazick, korox, ursix, tesilars, and grabbits are often consumed as foods. Baked goodies are a special treat, especially bread. Chimeric Compound is used as a spice. Vegetables are also common on meal plates. There are several kebab stations located across the fort.

People of the fort love tea, especially the ones imported from other cities. At the bar, they like drinks such as cackleberry wine, fortuo brew, and to the very common man, any cheap swill will do.

Special foods and drinks are made during festive times.

Prominent Locations and People

Fort Tarsis may not be the largest of cities, but it is still a home to thousands. Naturally there are several districts inside the fort: Forge and Vault, Launch Bay, Market, Courtyard, Enclaves, Labs, Memorial, Strider Bay, and Housing.

Much of the fort is not available to roam around. Some areas are accessible only in cut scenes, while others for a limited time.

There are several people who live within the fort. Most do not belong to any factions, but are simple citizens. The fort also gets visitors who enjoy the scenic tours offered by various companies on striders.


Fort Tarsis serves as the hub for the player character, referred to as The Freelancer or simply Freelancer. There are the locations that can be accessed by the Freelancer inside the fort: Forge, Launch Bay, Market, Courtyard, Tarsis Memorial, Prison, Freelancer Enclave, Matthias Lab, and Dax’s Apartment.

The hub exists for the Freelancer and no other players can be encountered here (except for the Launch Bay). Fort Residents are eager to have a conversation here as long as the Freelancer starts to chat first.

All faction agents and leaders are also inside the fort. So getting missions and debriefing them usually occurs inside the fort.

Depending upon the type of event occurring, the fort will get new decorations, additional cortex entries, armor packs, rewards, additional characters, and activities, could be added, temporarily or permanently.

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