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Flashfire is a weapon classified under the Volt Caster category.

Note: All numeric values (except the power level) mentioned are only applicable to the default state of the weapon. It may be possible to increase or decrease the net values using inscriptions, but they will not be shown.

Description and Alternative Items

Flashfire is a unique weapon introduced during Echoes of Reality.

Flashfire is a Volt Caster. It uses seal technology to focus ambient electricity. Flashfire is excellent for crowd control because it chains continuous lightning damage to a bunch of enemies that surround the first target that gets hit by this weapon. However, this is not blast damage dealing weapon.

This item has a special ability, which is a procedural perk that can be activated by performing an action mentioned in its masterwork perk.
Masterwork Perk: Fires a lightning attack that jumps from enemy to enemy.

Obtaining Methods

Flashfire can be obtained in the following ways:

Cortex Entry

Cortex Entries are small pieces of lore attached with the particular weapon found in Anthem and accessed through the Cortex. All weapons have at least one entry associated with them. All Masterwork and Legendary weapons' cortex entries directly add to the narrative of the world.

See Cortex Entry: Flashfire (Weapon) for More Information

Volt Caster

Used with great success against Scars during the Ibar Incursion along the Reaches' southern coast. The weapon has become a favorite of ground troops because it is particularly effective against hordes of enemies using camouflaging technology.

Blueprint and Crafting

Currently, this item cannot be crafted.

Trivia (May Contain Spoilers)

  • Flashfire has a longer range than Jarra's Wrath, so it is helpful for large crowd control whenever the net power level of a javelin is low.
  • It was introduced along with other Volt Casters during Echoes of Reality.
  • In the game the Magazine size (also known as the clip size) is incorrectly referred to as Ammo within the statistics of a weapon.


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