"The world is filled with mysteries. Chasing the solutions, that's where the fun is."
– Faye Navine

Faye Navine is a mysterious and work-obsessed cypher.[2][3] She plays a role in the game's main storyline.[4]


Faye went to one of the more prestigious cypher schools.[3]

She came to the frontier from Antium, which she recalls was beautiful and civilized.

On a mission to the Heart of Rage, Faye supported a Freelancer. During the mission, she heard the Anthem of Creation. The Freelancers' numbers dwindled during the onslaught and their supporting cyphers were rendered comatose from hearing the Anthem, leaving Haluk and the new Freelancers as the only survivors. Despite Haluk's determination to reach the Cenotaph, Faye insisted the mission was doomed, forcing the Freelancer to pull Haluk out. The Freelancer soon parted ways with Faye and Haluk, who were unable to reconcile the tragedy.[5][6]

Personality and Traits

Faye has always been intrigued with the Anthem of Creation[1] and is driven to learn about it. Unfortunately, her personal relationships have suffered as a result, and she carries more than a few secrets with her.[3] She can telepathically commune with Freelancers, and in extremely rare cases, the Anthem of Creation itself.[5]


First chat after she comes to Fort Tarsis:

  • "Unless you're suited up for a mission, I've got all the time in the world."


  • Faye has been stated to have attended "the Harvard" of Anthem, in regards to her cypher school.[3]
  • Faye's arc is based around coming to terms with her drive to connect with the Anthem, and what it means for her as a human being and as a partner on the team.[5]


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