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Experience Bonus, simply referred to as XP or xp are the numeric reward points that are rewarded for completing Feats in Anthem. The more feats performed, the more xp bonus a lancer receives.

All xp bonuses earned will be displayed when an expedition ends.

Earning Feats and Receiving Experience Bonus

Feats must be performed and either bronze, silver, or gold feat medals must be received to earn xp. Otherwise, only one feat related to completing the expedition is earned. Different difficulty level provided different expedition completion feats.

The feats that reward xp for successfully completing an expedition (i.e., a banner must pop up saying that particular expedition was completed), is called General Feats. An additional General feat is rewarded for players reinforcing other players.

There are 4 types of feats that can be performed during an expedition:

Playing with a team will provide a portion of their earned xp to your pilot, except in Freeplay expeditions.

XP Distribution for Alliance system

Regardless of the pilot level, this is how much xp is used by each tier of the Alliance System. The xp required is cumulative (for e.g., at Tier 5, you son't need to get 36125 xp from o xp, but you need to get (18125 + 18000) xp to complete the tier. 5 Team Members' contributions who contribute the most to the alliance System (present in your friend list) will be taken into consideration, netting you a maximum gain of COIN neat.png 11,725 from them. Additonally, you receive a maximum of COIN neat.png 4210 from your own contribution.

Alliance Tier Level Cumulative XP Required COIN neat.png Coin Received
Per Team Member's
Alliance Contribution
COIN neat.png Coin Received
for Your Contribution
0 - 0 0
1 3000 175 350
2 4525 185 370
3 8075 192 385
4 18125 200 405
5 36125 210 420
6 57100 220 440
7 81550 225 445
8 110125 225 455
9 155700 235 465
10 227525 235 475
Max Tier 320000 240 0
Total 320000 2345 4210

Xp Distribution for Leveling Pilots

Each time aspecific value of total xp bonus is received, the Pilot Level of the Freelancer increases, and a contribution to the Alliance System is made. Once Pilot Level 30 is reached, the xp bonus only affect the total amount of Alliance Bonus received before at the end of a week, whcih results in a specific amount of coin, capped at approximately COIN neat.png 32,725, after counting all daily, weekly, monthly Path to Glory challenges and the alliance bonuses (individual and team).

Before Pilot Level 30

Leveling up the pilot will also give Pilot Level Rewards for reaching specific levels. 30 levels can be reahced by completing feats, without necessarily completing any story related mission.

At Pilot Level 30

At pilot level 30, all xp received is used for the Alliance contribution. The same table as the Alliance System (above) is used.


  • At launch, the color of xp bars in the Alliance System were yellow for your contribution and orange for the team members' contribution. The orange was changed to pale yellow during a later update.
  • Sometimes, when a new Pilot Level is reached during the end of an expedition, the game will revert the xp to the previous value. thsi can become frustrating to those trying to reach Pilot Level 30.