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Expeditions Icon

There are numerous types of expeditions found in Anthem. These missions are accessed in the game mode menu.

Their cortex entries can be found under the Journal tab. Each mode is accessed through the Game Mode menu.

Critical Objective

Cortex-critical objective.png

Also referred to as Story Missions or Critical Path Missions.

These missions are part of the main story of Anthem. Certain storylines such as Dax's Mystery of the Emerald Abyss, Matthias' Triple Threat, and the Bard's Challenges of the Legionnaires are also considered critical.


Freplay Logo.png

There are several types of freeplay events.

The players can participate in these events at their own leisure in Freeplay. During seasonal times or cataclysms, a small seasonal icon is shown on the bottom right corner of the icon, if any seasonal events are to occur.

There are several types of activities in Freeplay. Live Events, World Events, Time Trials, Legendary Events, Conjunctions, and even World Encounters. The following are important events that count as expeditions and when completing challenges.

Live Event 1 Star Event 2 Star Event 3 Star Event Legendary World Events/
Time Trial
Live Event Icon.png
1 Star World Event.png
2 Star World Event.png
3 Star World Event.png
Conjunction Anomaly.png
Time Trial.png

Agent Quest

Agent Quest.png

Agent missions or Agent Quests are provided by faction agents.

They are provided by Arcanist agent Matthias, Sentinel Agent Brin, and Freelancer Agent Yarrow.

Agent Contracts


Agent contracts or simply, Contracts, are provided by faction agents after the critical path missions are completed.

These expeditions are always available to play after completing them for the first time.

Legendary Contracts

Legendary Contract.png

Legendary contracts are tougher contracts provided by faction agents after completing the critical path mission. They have some conversation attached with the agent before and after completing them for the first time.

There are only 3 Legendary Missions available everyday.


Stronghold icon.png

Strongholds are some of the toughest missions in Anthem and are always provided by Corvus agent Sev. They have some conversation attached with the agent before and after completing them for the first time.

They are accessed in a separate menu, and are available anytime. There are competitive versions of strongholds called seasonal strongholds.

Legendary Missions

Legendary Mission.png

Legendary Missions allow players to replay critical path missions again with a much higher difficulty level. One mission will be available per day that has no limit on the number of times it can be completed. These missions offer a new challenge and require team coordination to achieve victory!

Cataclysm Critical

Cataclysm Quest.png

These missions are critical story missions related to the cataclysms occurring at a given time. These are limited time missions and won't be available once the cataclysm period ends.



Cataclysms are the toughest challenges available in Anthem and are accessed through their own game mode menu. Unlike regular strongholds, these expeditions currently don't have a mission-like structure. They can be a part of completing missions.

Cataclysms have their own kind of events filled with challengeing puzzles, combat, explorations and a special map, different from the map of Northern Bastion or Fort Tarsis/Launch Bay.

Competitive and Seasonal


Seasonal Expeditions are usually limited time expeditions of other mission types, especially strongholds and cataclysms with additional mechanisms to provide a challenge and special rewards to players.

Depending on whether a full season or cataclysm is going on, the color of the icon can change from white to pink and be replaced by appropriate seasonal symbol.