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Engineers are the faction that build everything in Bastion—from the simplest toys to the mammoth striders. They are builders, skilled artisans, mechanics, and forgers that make the dangerous world easier to survive.


For additional information, see Engineers (Cortex Collection)

Engineers follow the path of Arden Vassa. They are primarily located in Heliost, the city that makes about 90% of the things that the people of Bastion use.

They are also found in other cities. Their occupations include javelin and strider mechanics, vault salvagers, smiths, electricians, maintenance workers, miners etc. Whenever there is a need for materials, resources are sourced from around Heliost because of its mineral rich surrounding areas.

There are two main groups within the Engineers:

  • Architects: Those that design blueprints for manufacturing
  • Mechanics: Those that use those blueprints to build items within the Forge.


Engineers are responsible for building the first javelin, Fortress of Dawn, walled cities, striders, locks, weapons, gears, components, coolant harvest contraptions, cargo mules, mining and quarrying and more.

Engineers are the backbone of the society, but their faction is the least known among all.

Known Members


Arden Vassa

Popular Members


  • Arcanists and Engineers fight over Arden Vassa, claiming whether he was an Arcanist or an Engineer.
  • According to the Art of Anthem, Engineers wear oil-red, white, and black clothes. In-game, this is only worn by Prospero.
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