Ember is a rare and precious resource found in the world of Coda. There are 5 rarities of embers. An unknown type of ember was shown in the Conviction trailer[1] of the game.


A naturally occurring, dangerous by-product of the Anthem of Creation, used as a foundation for human technology. While active ember can be found throughout Bastion, it is most bountiful around the Engineer city of Heliost. Legend has it that the Urgoth enslaved humanity because the Urgoth could not manipulate ember, whereas humans could.

Ember is necessary to create the gateway between the human mind and the Anthem and, while excessive exposure to ember can be dangerous, it is often applied to Cyphers during their training.

Ember is a rare material and can be found by harvesting mineral nodes and plants, by opening treasure chests, and by salvaging equipment. Each rarity of ember represents each level of the crafting process, each rarity of resulting equipment. Therefore, salvaging equipment of a certain rarity will provide an ember of the same rarity.

List of Ember types

Name Icon Notes
Uncommon Ember Uncommon Ember.png[2] Most commonly obtainable ember type
Rare Ember Rare Ember.png[2]
Epic Ember Epic Ember.png[2]
Masterwork Ember Masterwork Ember.png[2] Rarest ember naturally found
Legendary Ember Legendary Ember.png[2] Unavailable in the game and only found in the datamined files.
Unknown Ember Unknown Ember- Conviction.png[1] This ember was shown in the Conviction trailer.
Pink Ember[3] This only described in a lore short story



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