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Sea of Takaro.png

Sea of Takaro is the final event in Echoes of Reality. It was released during Week 6 of the Cataclysm.

Sea of Takaro is ruin with a tall pillar of water in its center which contains an unstable Shaper Relic.

For highest score in any difficulty, it is best to keep the rift activated and not destroyed until absolutely necessary.

Echoes of Reality


Sea of Takaro is located in Dark Passage of the cataclysm. It can be accessed from Dominion Foothold or Echoes' Heart.


There are 2 rooms screened by two suppression fields on both their entryways. These rooms contain an echo inside an echo chamber, and a weight stone each.

There is athird room without suppression fields, but a weight stone. Take the weight stone and place it on any one of the three pressure plates in the arena. one of the suppression fields (of the nearby room) will be disabled. Use this entryway to collect a weight stone. Take this weight stone to place it on another pressure plate to disable another suppression field. Collect the remaining weight stone and place it on the third pressure plate.

Now, collect the echoes from the echo chambers and then take them indie the water pillar, all the way to the top where the unstable relic is located. Once the relic is silenced, the crystal located in the west side of the map will have its barrier unlocked.

Freelancers can also stand on these pressure plates, but it sis not recommended as the pillar of water also contains a suppression field. Taking echoes through this will reset them, even if one freelancer moves away for a second. However, this is not recommended, as they could instead be defeating enemies for points.

After destroying the crystal, a chest will unlock.

Secret Boss

The secret boss of this event is Valkyrie Takaro. he can only be summoned after destroying the crystal.

To summon the boss, simply insert 3 echoes (in the same echo chambers) into the unstable relic inside water pillar again.

Season of Skulls

Everything is same during the Season of Skulls, except scars replace the dominion soldier and the method to summon the secret boss is different.

Secret Boss

The secret boss in this event is a Scar Enforcer named Blackfire Voice. To summon the secret boss, complete the event within 3 minutes of entering the arena.