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Ring of Magnus Map.png

Ring of Magnus is the first event in Echoes of Reality.

For highest score in any difficulty, it is best to keep the rift activated and not destroyed until absolutely necessary.

The Ring of Magnus is a circular arena with blue Shaper pillars protruding from the ground, with the crystal inside the barrier at the center of the arena.

The map shows the location of the event.

Echoes of Reality


Simply fly to the location from the starting point. Beware of the stability meter depleting because it can happen quickly.


Valkyrie Magnus.png

The event is complete once the crystal inside the barrier at the center is destroyed.

To unlock the barrier, the blue Shaper pillars (like the ones in the image) must be submerged inside the ground, similar to the ones found inside the Sunken Cell. This must be done quickly because the pillars can rise back up.

Hoards of enemies, including Dominion Troopers, Dominion Argent Troopers, Storm/Frost Hounds, Valkyries, Elementalists, Storm/Frost Brutes can spawn. An apex Fury can also spawn with a high chance of dropping legendary loot in GM1+.

Once the crystal is destroyed, a chest will spawn.

Secret Boss

The secret boss in this event is Valkyrie Magnus. He can only be summoned if all the pillars are submerged and the crystal is destroyed within the first 55 seconds of starting the event.

It is to be noted that spawning Magnus will not let the Fury spawn. Magnus will not drop any loot, but can automatically give 2000 points.

Season of Skulls

The event remains more or less the same as the cataclysm. Instead of Dominion, the enemies are Scars. Instead of the Fury spawning, s Luminary will spawn.

Secret Boss

The secret boss during this event is a Scar Hunter called Rot Weaver.

To summon Rot Weaver, defeat the Luminary.