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Throne of Echoes.png

Throne of Echoes is the chamber where he titan form of Vara, can be found. Throne of Echoes is the arena inside Echoes' Heart of the Cataclysm. This is the final boss fight in Echoes of Reality.

The Rift in the middle of the Arena must be destroyed to damage Vara at any moment.

The back of Vara's head is her weakest spot. The best way to deal damage is to concentrate fire on it.

Vara Has 3 phases in her boss fight which keep changing over every 33% of her health bar depletion.

During Season of Skulls, the fight mechanism remains the same with Vara.

Monstrous Titan

Titan form of Vara. Image Courtesy: Anthem Archive

She behaves like a combination of a valkyrie and an Ash Titan in this phase, which she uses the most. During this phase, she can use the following attacks:

Icicle Shards

Attack: Like a Frost Valkyrie, she sends a barrage of icicles to freeze the enemies.

Strategy: Hide behind the pillars in the Throne of Echoes or fly to evade them. Never remain in one place, as Vara can instantly freeze Rangers, Interceptors and Colossi.

Fire Beam

Attack: Just like an Ash Titan, Vara fires a laser beam which can nearly insta-kill any non-colossus javelins in any difficulty. This attack always follows the Icicle Shards, and Vara locks onto a target randomly or she always targets the frozen javelin.

Strategy: Since the attack follows Icicle Shards, it is best to avoid getting frozen. It is also possible to fly away if the javelin is quick enough.

Ripples of Fire

Attack: Vara pours flame on any two random Freelancer underneath whom ripples of fire form, damaging anyone nearby.

Strategy: Simply dodge the flame. Even a simple contact can burn a non-shielded javelin.

Inferno Ring

Attack: Vara erupts a blazing fire ring at the edge of the arena which can quickly collapse towards the center. Any Freelancer touched by this inferno will instantly be downed on any difficulty setting.

Strategy: There is a small glowing ring of blue and white light under Vara as the fire won't go beyond this ring.

Burning Floor

The entire floor of the arena begins to burn damaging any javelin in it. Unfortunately, the flight will be disabled during this time. The only safe spots are the top of the pillars in the arena. A Storm can hover, but the other Javelins will instantly fall to the ground.

Vara relocates to one of the 3 tallest pillars near the edge of the arena.

Lava Floor

Attack: Any javelin on the floor can be burned.

Strategy: Fly to the pillars, or hover if you are Storm.

Incinerating Orbs

Attack: Vara summons burning orbs which can quickly deplete shields or armor of a stationary javelin. Even when moving around, new orbs are summoned on or near the Freelancer.

Strategy: Keep dodging the orbs by jumping on top of different pillars, or dash to evade if you are a hovering Storm. Another way is to run outside the arena (but the orbs still spawn which need to be evaded).

Summoning Minions

Vara summons Dominion Argent Troopers around the central blue and white ring of light. Being Argent Troopers, they can stun the javelins easily. The best strategy is to defeat them to gain more points or green cymatic notes or get more resupply (ammo/armor) or recharge ultimate meter.

This phase can only occur when Vara has lost 66% of her health. During this phase, Vara can also trigger the Monstrous Titan or Burning Floor phases.


After defeating Vara, she simply withers to dust and drops loot. Defeating Vara will also double the score earned in the cataclysm. If Vara is not defeated before the timer runs out, Faye will activate the Egress and summon the Freelancer back without doubling the score.