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Diana's Landing.png

Diana's Landing is the Fourth event inside the cataclysm. It was released during Week 2 of the Cataclysm.

Diana's Landing is a large Dominion Base setup with 4 turrets guarding it in random locations.

For highest score in any difficulty, it is best to keep the rift activated and not destroyed until absolutely necessary.

Echoes of Reality


Diana's Landing is located in Dominion Foothold. It Is open on one end, situated by a beach.


Diana's Landing is a full frontal Battle Royale with hoards of enemies spawning until Dominion Hounds show up. Once these show up, a Riftmaster will spawn. It is a Legendary Fury which holds the key to the consoles to unlock the central crystal inside the barrier.

Once the Riftmaster is defeated, a quest specific item is dropped. These are 3 keys to unlock 3 different consoles. Interacting with two consoles which are marked on the map will open the crystal's barrier.

Destroying the crystal will unlock a loot chest.

Secret Boss

The secret boss in this event is Valkyrie Diana. She can be spawned after defeating the Riftmaster and collecting the key. However, the console to summon her lies inside a tower closer to the beach. It is not marked on the map.

Season of Skulls

Everything is same during the Season of Skulls, except scars replace the dominion soldier and the method to summon the secret boss is different. Also, the Riftmaster is a Luminary.

Secret Boss

The console to summon the secret boss is not inside the tower anymore, but located one the opposite side, closer to the hill.

The boss summoned is a Scar Enforcer called Doom Inferno.