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Crucible of Astrid.png

Crucible of Astrid is the Sixth event in Echoes of Reality. It was released on Week 5 of the Cataclysm.

Crucible of Astrid is an open cave of solidifying lava guarded by 2 turrets spawning in random locations.

For highest score in any difficulty, it is best to keep the rift activated and not destroyed until absolutely necessary.

Echoes of Reality


There is only 1 way to enter Crucible of Astrid in Trials of Might.


Team coordination is very important for this event. The crystal is inside a barrier which can be disabled using a console. However, the console is powered using a device which requires beam energy.

There are 4 echoes behind a suppression field above the broken shaper arch.

The beam device is hidden in the backside of the open cave inside a chamber behind 2 solid barriers and a suppression field. There is an echo chamber outside the entry to this chamber. Freelancer #1 collects this echo and inserts this into another echo chamber on a rock near the crystal. A beam device is powerd up which disables the suppression field above the shaper arch.

Freelancer #2 collects 3 echoes and Freelancer #1 collects the remaining echo ans also the echo inside the echo chamber powering the beam. Both freelancers also collect a weight stone located between the entry and the crystal.

Freelancer #1 inserts 1 echo inside the echo chamber near the solid field. Once the field disables, Freelancer #2 goes inside. Freelancer #1 removes the echo from the chamber to disable the suppression field and the second solid barrier. Freelancer #2 inserts the 3 echoes in a chamber each, and the weight stone on any 1 pressure plate.

Freelancer #2 can come out the same way, for which Freelancer #1 will have to insert the echo inside the echo chamber again. (Freelancer #2 can also use a one-way teleportation pad located inside the chamber).

Now that Freelancer #2 has come outside, Freelancer #1 is free to enter the chamber along with Freelancer #3. Freelancer #2 removes the echo, while the other two are inside. the last Echo and the weight stone are placed. There are two more pressure plates on which Freelancers #2 and #3 stand.

This powers up the beam reveling the console. Which when interacted with opens the barrier, revealing the crystal. When the crystal is destroyed, a loot chest is unlocked.


It was possible to complete this event with just 1 freelancer as inserting an echo and then stepping onto a pressure plate would permanently keep it pressed. Patch 1.5.0 removed this feature.

Secret Boss

The secret boss in this event is Valkyrie Astrid.

Once the console for the crystal barrier is unlocked, another console appears on the North-East side of the map. Interacting with this console will summon Astrid. She can be summoned after destroying the crystal as well.

Season of Skulls

Everything is same during the Season of Skulls, except scars replace the dominion soldier and the method to summon the secret boss is different.

Secret Boss

The secret boss in this event is a Scar Hunter called Baleful Host.

To summon it, simply place a weight stone on an orange glowing pressure plate which is easily visible. This can be done anytime.

Destroying the crystal to complete the event and summoning the Baleful Host is mutually exclusive if there is no full 4-man squad of freelancers:

It is important to know that using the weight stone will not allow its use inside the chamber to active the beam device. Also, using the weight stone inside the chamber for the beam device will not allow it be removed to summon the secret boss. Hence, a team of 4 Freelancers is required to finish the event and summon the secret boss.