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Casja's Forge.png

Casja's Forge is the Third event within Echoes of Reality. It was released during the First week.

Casjs's Forge is a cavern divided into 4 parts. The first part contains the rift and the crystal. The second contains a relic. The other two chambers contain two relic fragments behind a suppression field each.

For highest score in any difficulty, it is best to keep the rift activated and not destroyed until absolutely necessary.

Echoes of Reality


Casja's Forge is located in The Labyrinth region of the cataclysm. It has two entryways: from The Approach and Dominion Foothold.


The relics behind the suppression fields are to be inserted into the shaper relic to open the barrier containing the crystal.

There are 4 suppression fields: two behind the relic fragments, and two closing the relic chamber of the cavern. The best way is to wait for the Beam Device to point the energy at the button which disables the field. When the field is disabled, move into the chamber with the crystal and wait for the field to be disabled when the beam device points towards the field closing the relic chamber.

Repeat the steps for all the relic fragments.

To maximize the score, it is best for only one or two freelancers to solve the puzzles while the others fight the enemies.

Once all the relic fragments are inserted, the barrier is unlocked for the crystal to be destroyed. Destroying the crystal unlocks a loot chest.

Secret Boss

The secret boss of this event is Valkyrie Casja. She can be summoned by passing through the suppression field while carrying any relic fragment 4 times. The fragment, of course is reset inside the chamber, but the puzzle can be solved after summoning the valkyrie.

Casja cannot be summoned after the crystal is destroyed. Defeating Casja yield 2000 points (not considering the multiplier.

Season of Skulls

Everything is same during the Season of Skulls, except scars replace the dominion soldier and the method to summon the secret boss is different.

Secret Boss

The secret boss is a Scar Enforcer called Fellsmoke Gnasher.

To summon it, the puzzle must be solved within two minutes and the crystal must be destroyed. Once the crystal is destroyed, one Freelancer needs to interact with the now lit bonfire. The secret boss spawns immediately, and is worth 2000 points (not considering the multiplier).

Note: There are some discrepancies in the way the boss is summoned. Some have claimed that the boss can automatically spawn, others say the puzzle needs to be solved in under 1 minute.