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Britaheim Map.png

Britaheim is the second event within Echoes of Reality. It was released during Week 1 of the cataclysm.

Unlike the other events, Britaheim cannot be completed as a solo freelancer (unless playing interceptor). This is because the quest items are locked inside barriers which can only be opened by stepping on pressure plates.

Britaheim is a ruined city on a valley-like arena 4 echoes trapped inside barriers. The crystal encased inside a barrier is offset from the center and located on a cliff facing the South of the Cataclysm map.

For highest score in any difficulty, it is best to keep the rift activated and not destroyed until absolutely necessary.

Echoes of Reality


Britaheim can be located East side of the Cataclysm map in the Hope Shattered Region.


There are 4 echoes trapped inside a barrier each. One Freelancer needs to step on a plate near the echo to open the barrier, while another Freelancer collects the echo. If playing as the Interceptor, it is possible to collect all the echoes by stepping on the plate and dashing to collect the echo.

Once 4 echoes are unlocked, two Freelancers need to collect them and dive inside the small pool. Two echoes are needed to disable the suppression field by inserting them into the echo chambers. Once the suppression field is disabled, two more echoes are needed to unlock a fifth echo.

The echoes within the echo chamber should be left as they are until all 3 echoes are carried outside by the Freelancer.

Next task is to insert all 5 echoes into the echo chamber near the crystal.

While this is happening, it is recommended the other Freelancers fight enemies as plenty of legendary enemies spawn, defeating whom can give a lot of points.

Finally, destroy the crystal to unlock the event chest.

Secret Boss

The secret boss in this event is Valkyrie Brita.

She can be summoned by removing any one echo from the 5 chambers after inserting all of them into them, and before destroying the crystal. She cannot be summoned if this action is performed after destroying teh crystal.

Defeating Brita will yield 2000 points (not considering the multiplier).

Season of Skulls

All enemies are changed into Scars.

Secret Boss

The secret boss in this event is a scar hunter named Dusk Blight.

Summoning Dusk Blight requires all 4 echoes trapped inside the barrier. Collect all 4 echoes and insert them into the 4 echo devices located under water, the boss will be waiting on the surface.