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"Well, Leyton, the only Dominion I've met are murdering thugs."
– The Freelancer
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The Dominion is an expansionist, militaristic human organization[1] bent on the subjugation of those outside their control.[2]


The Dominion is based in a kingdom located to the north of Fort Tarsis,[3] The Dominion believe the way to survival is "peace through force," and to keep people on a short leash in terms of freedom. The Dominion will willingly carry out heinous acts in pursuit of their goals,[4] even if they have to dehumanize their own people.


Dominion vs

The Dominion and Freelancers in conflict

When General Helena Tarsis died, the Legion of Dawn split into three factions. The Dominion was one of these three, alongside the Sentinels and Freelancers.[5] The Dominion is an ancient enemy of the Freelancers, whom they are philosophically opposed to.[6] They have always been a threat to Fort Tarsis,[7] and in the present day, they remain in conflict with the Freelancers.[8] Like the Freelancers, the Dominion has access to Javelins.[2] Notably, they designed the Storm Javelin, though it later fell into the hands of the Freelancers.[9]

The Dominion is attempting to use the Anthem of Creation as a weapon[8] in order to establish their rule[6] over the world.[10] To achieve this they seek to retrieve Shaper relics.[11] The Freelancers moved to stop them, as the Dominion's actions were putting everyone at risk.[3] They are responsible for the destruction of the city of Freemark when they attempted to control the Cenotaph, an ancient Shaper relic.[citation needed] After the battle, the Dominion temporarily disappeared from the sight of Fort Tarsis.[12]




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  • In comparison to real-world politics, the Dominion has been called "almost fascist."[1]
  • The Dominion are the antagonists in the core campaign of Anthem,[13] and are one of the game's four enemy factions.[7]
  • According to the Bard, the past member of the Legion of Dawn, Magna Stral became the founder of the Dominion.