"What do we see? Everything. Images, words, patterns, feelings... our memories are deeper in the amplifier than out. It's not just our memories, but any other cypher we connect with. We become one. It... well, it makes the outside world a bit frustrating, doesn't it?"
– From "In The Chair: Interview with Negan Dell"

Cyphers are one of the factions of Fort Tarsis.[1]


Statue of the First Cypher

Cyphers are individuals with a sensitivity to the Anthem of Creation and are capable of telepathic communication, heightened mental calculation, and process incredible amounts of information. Many young people who are identified as having this unique gift undergo ember exposure and dedicated training to enhance their mental skills.

They serve in support roles to Freelancers, providing information and analysis during expeditions[1] while remaining in an amplifier chair[2] Every Freelancer team is assigned at least one Cypher (sometimes more).[3] Cyphers have the ability to project trajectories for Javelins' long-range weaponry[4] and scan the environment for threats.[2]


When cypher abilities first appeared, Corvus sought to use these individuals for covert purposes. They developed amplifier technology and created a type of institutional training center called a Satomi. The most important and advanced of these is Esteraat, the premier Satomi located in Antium.

Later, the Cypher Revolution brought cyphers expanded rights, freedom to choose how their abilities were used, opening a new world of communication between settlements and in the aid of lancers. While javelins were invented long before the cypher phenomenon, the addition of cyphers to operations outside the wall has made all lancers safer and more effective.

k== Trivia ==

  • There is a folk tale of the first cypher. It was a daughter of an engineer, who "developed strange new abilities" not long after the Cataclysm. She could "see faraway things" or "talk directly into another's mind". Soon, Arcanists arrived and presented her with an experiment to help them test a device that would amplify her gift. However, the girl's mind "ventured too far from her body and became lost to the music of the Anthem of Creation". It is believed that "cyphers glimpse the engineer's daughter while in their amplifier".
  • Though not specifically stated in game, Cyphers may just be a role in the Freelancers, just as Pilots.
  • With Owen’s betrayal of the Freelancers, Cyphers have the least NPCs of any faction.
  • Because of their greater sensitivity to their surroundings, Cyphers are generally discouraged from piloting a Javelin, though that doesn't necessarily means they are incapable of piloting one either, nor being a taboo.
    • Owen managed to pilot The Javelin of Dawn despite his skills in it leaves much to be desired, as Haluk described him as a "crap pilot" during their confrontation.
    • It was rumored, and later confirmed that Dominion have developed a type of special Javelin that can be piloted by Cyphers, which later identified as Monitor.[5]

Known Cyphers


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