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Blackbird sittin' on the wall.
Watching all the ursix fall.
Did they shout for help or push them down?
Secret arm of the ember crown.
— Children's verse
Corvus Logo.png

Corvus is the diplomatic and intelligence arm of Bastion. They are masters of intrigue and covert operations, answering directly to the Emperor of Antium.

The organization gets its name from Legion of Dawn lancer Sanadeen, who was nicknamed Corvus, after the small blackbird.


Corvus has an extensive network of intelligence agents, spies, and diplomats. Its main goal is to scout out threats against human civilization and remove them without direct confrontation. While they are not above having their operatives engage in targeted sabotage or an assassination now and again, they prefer to contract out any of their messier tasks to third-parties like the Freelancers.[1]

It was Corvus that first used cyphers for code-braking and long-distance communication to keep a close eye on potential enemies.

Corvus is responsible for the creation of the Interceptor javelin, which they designed to serve as a scout.[2]

Known Members


  • Corvus has been likened to the real-world CIA and/or Special Forces.[3]
  • Instead of random-generated missions, the Corvus contracts are laid-out, unchanging dungeons, Strongholds.
  • Corvus is the only faction in the game that has not had their Javelin class stolen/redesigned by other factions.