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Cortex Archives.png

Cortex Archives is a term derived from cortex and archive.

Cortex is the collection of all details on gameplay, lore, and tutorials in Anthem. An archive is a device that uses a specific method of storing and collecting information, invented by Corvus. Archive data can be cryptic, so cyphers are an excellent resource to decrypt them.

Before inventing the Archives, information was passed down by word of mouth of through olden literary methods. These were subjected to historic wear and tear, given how dangerous Coda is. Because of Archives, Links, and Survey Beacons, it is possible to gather and grasp information in a better way.

The list below show several collections of cortex that are related to each other. Although Cortex Archives is not a real terminology, the below collection behave like one. It is arranged alphabetically.

Cortex Archives

The below list will be regularly updated. Currently, there are a total of 300 Cortex Collections archived to read without having to keep opening new pages. More will be added soon.

Cortex Collections