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The Cortex is Anthem's details about the gameplay, lore, and tutorials.

Various pieces of information will be added to it as The Freelancer explores Northern Bastion and any other location beyond, be it through cut scenes or physically entering them through Conjunctions. A notification will pop up on the left side of the screen when an entry is added. The Cortex is comprised of several sections.

The entire Cortex's Main Sections and Sub Sections can be seen at the bottom of the page.


Journal lists and tracks your active and completed missions, contracts, and additional objectives. Some of these may or may not be a one-time quests.

See Journal for more information.

Everything listed under Journal are linked to take to the appropriate page.


Challenges shows the progression information for various optional objectives, tasks, and quests.

Note:There are more than 500 challenges in the game alone, but because the way the Anthem wiki is getting reformed, they have the lowest priority for updating as Anthem's rework was canceled.

See the Challenges page for more info. Anything listed under Challenges are not linked as they are pages that need restructuring.


The Library is a collection of lore snippets and stories you have gathered by interacting with collectibles, venturing into new locations, uncovering secrets, and completing storylines. See the Library page for more info.

Everything listed under Library are linked to take to the appropriate page.


The Armory has all the information specifically on combat related categories such as weapons, Gears, Components, Blueprints, Sigils and Javelins.

See the Armory page for more info.

Everything listed under Armory are linked to take to the appropriate page.


The Mailbox contains all the mails sent to you from your friends, allies, enemies, and even spammers who live on Coda.

See the Mailbox page for more info.

Everything listed under Mailbox are linked to take to the appropriate page.


Tutorials allow you to read helpful tips and tricks to improve your gameplay.

See the Tutorials page for more info.

Everything listed under Tutorials are linked to take to the appropriate page.

Recent Entry

Every Main Section shows a Recent Entry sub section on the top. That simply allows you to read the most recent cortex entry obtained during the game. It is nothing special.


Below is how the Cortex would look if any Main Section is chosen. The titles mentioned at the beginning of each column is the Main Section. The table can be scrolled at the bottom:

Cortex.png CORTEX
Cortex-critical objectives.png Critical Objectives Factions Cortex-society.png Society Cortex-gear.png Gear Cortex-personal.png Personal Cortex-tutorial.png How to Play
Cortex-cataclysm critical.png Cataclysm Critical Path to Glory Cortex-environment.png Environment Cortex-weapon.png Weapons Cortex-subscription.png Subscriptions Cortex-tutorial.png Building Your Javelin
Cortex-agent quest.png Agent Quests Festive Cortex-geography.png Geography Cortex-melee.png Melee Weapons Cortex-junk.png Junk Mail Cortex-tutorial.png Expeditions
Cortex-agent contract.png Agent Contracts Season of Icetide Cortex-history.png Histories Cortex-crafting.png Crafting Blueprints Cortex-tutorial.png Growing Your Legend
Cortex-legendary contract.png Legendary Contracts Season of Skulls Cortex-technology.png Technology Cortex-armor.png Armors Cortex-tutorial.png Inversions
Cortex-stronghold.png Strongholds Echoes of Reality Cortex-story.png Your Stories
Cortex-cataclysms.png Cataclysms Expeditions Cortex-misc.png Miscellaneous
Cortex-seasonal.png Seasonal Expeditions Exploration
Cortex-feat.png Feats Gear