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When a titan dies, the liquid pumping through its stone heart cools and hardens to become corium, one of the strongest metals in the world.
Cortex Entry: Corium

Corium is a rare metal. Corium is found inside titans. It is one of the strongest materials found in Coda.

List of Expeditions to Obtain Corium

Corium can be found inside Titans and/or by defeating Escari. These enemies can be found in the following expeditions:

Cortex Entry

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Check Cortex Entry: Freelancer Enclave: Corium Crystal for More Information

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The rarest mineral current known, corium is only found within the heart of a titan. Freelancer Trapper recovered this crystal from the Heart of Rage during the First Freemark Expedition, just a few weeks after the fall of Freemark. The titan, nicknamed “Javelin Breaker,” wiped out most of the expedition before it was finally destroyed.

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Dawn Shield in the Crafting Menu

Corium very difficult to obtain. It is only found inside Titans when they die. Corium is so valuable that during the Rule of Urgoth, the Urgoth overlords hunted titans to harvest corium to make weapons and machinery.

During the mission to silence the Heart of Rage, the Freelancer had to obtain 3 corium crystals to craft the Dawn Shield. Escari are known to horde corium for unknown reasons, so it is possible to also obtain the mineral by defeating them, and not just by defeating titans. Once the Dawn Shield was crafted, it gave their javelins additional protection against the Shaper Storm brewing around and above the ruins of Freemark. Using this shield, the Freelancer was then able to Return to the Heart of Rage and silence it for good. The Dawn shield also allows the Freelancer to enter not only the Heart of Rage but also other cataclysms like Echoes of Reality.


Freelancer Enclave Corium Crystal.png

  • Since the Season of Icetide of 468 LV, all the display cases containing Freelancer Trophies of conquest have been made to have a bluish-tint. So the corium may look blue, however, it is green as shown in the first image.
  • Corium shows up as a Key Item, even though it has a model.
  • It is possible to obtain all 3 corium crystals at once simply wither by doing the mission Convergence or by doing the conjunction legendary event Shaper Disturbance as they each contain 3 Ash Titan enemies.
  • Only 3 corium crystals can be obtained in each playthrough.