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Conviction is a short live-action film trailer by Neill Blomkamp and Oats Studios reated to promote Bioware's Anthem.

The story takes place decades before the main story of Anthem.[1][2] It occurs in Northern Bastion and in Fort Tarsis. There are several new locations shown, especially with the Dominion, that aren't from Northern bastion or from Stralheim, as the latter is a frozen land.


The order is taken from the credits:

  • Sol- Sean Carrigan [Freelancer/Ranger Javelin Pilot]
  • Kali- Dagen Howard [Girl in white]
  • Krease- Scott Vance [Storm Javelin Pilot]
  • Latash- Dominique Toney [Interceptor Javelin Pilot]
  • Lady Callister- Rya Kihlstedt [Mother]
  • The Monitor- Wade Clinton
  • Flynn- Fred Leesey [Sick Boy]
  • Tres- Bouzan Hadawi [Monitor's Captive]
  • Rebbi- Maya E. Sergeant
  • Magdelaine- Ana Adams [Cypher]
  • Auger- Hector Medina
  • Jaffry- Isaac Afare
  • Swix- Jimmy Stranos
  • Gureek- Pablo Arraez
  • Dominion Guards- David Phillips & Christian Sanahuja
  • Tarsis Market Pesant- Carlos Moral
  • Running Boy- Miguel Angel
  • Girl- Mikah Harvey



This story is about a Girl in White who is mysteriously found outside the walls in the jungle by a Freelancer. The Freelancer brings her to Fort Tarsis after rescuing her.

Meanwhile the Dominion are on the hunt for the same girl, and torturing people to find her whereabouts.

After several mis-adventures of fighting against Scars and Dominion, rescuing missing people, making friends, and betrayals, there comes a point in time where the mysterious girl is trapped in a Shaper storm on the verge of being consumed by the Anthem of Creation.

The Freelancer is on a quest to rescue her.


  • Lady Callister: "Long, long ago, we were the slaves of the Urgoth. Eventually, after much strife, we broke free. And so we made our walls high, and our convictions strong. But, there are many dangers. No one can survive out there on their own."
  • Flynn: "They said she must have been out there for years."
  • Lasy Callister: "It's not possible. "
  • Cypher Magdelaine: "I always knew this day would come. A new beginning."
  • Freelancer Sol: You'll get your son back. You have my word.: ""
  • Cypher Magdelaine: And yet new enemies would be forged. A line would be crossed. Things would never return to the way before.: ""
  • Tres: "(Noises of terror.)"
  • The Monitor: "Where. Is. She?"
  • Tres: "(Screams in agony.)"
  • Cypher Magdelaine: "Look deeper, and you'll see... visions, Kali... your history, your future, the lives unlived."
  • Freelancer Sol: "You backstabbing rat. You sold us out. I never should have trusted you!"
  • Freelancer Sol: "She's in the middle of it. That's not possible?"
  • Girl in White: "The Anthem swims through your mind... It knows you... It knows us all..."

Behind the Scenes

On Jul 25, 2019, Oats Studio released a video on the making of Anthem: Conviction.


  • The story takes place between 400 and 466 LV.
  • Kali is also spelled as Kaali in other official media of Anthem.
  • The girl in white is referenced in Cypher Network, an official Alternate Reality Game on Twitter, and referred to as a Woman in White.
  • Fort Tarsis looks more vibrant than in the game because those events in the fort take place much before the Heart of Rage is unleashed and at that time, Fort Tarsis was bustling. As a matter of fact, it may even be a time before the Scar invasion in 413 LV.
  • The story shows lancers entering the Heart of Rage.
  • Several Scars shown here do not look like the ones found in-game. This is because they are the original versions of Scars when the species had invaded.
  • Storm javelins aren't shown in teh trailer, because they became available to the lancers of Bastion only after 458 LV. The storm-like javelin shown is a ctually a Valkyrie javelin. Although, the pilot is credited as a Storm Javelin pilot.
  • The Lancer of Fortune Armor Pack of the Ranger is prominently featured in a scene.
  • The Shrike Armor Pack of the Interceptor is shown for a brief moment in the beginning when Kaali is brought inside the Fort.
  • There are no unique Colossus armor packs shown in the rtrailer, however, Freelancer Sol uses Earthshaker, a Colossus Melee against Krease, the traitor.
  • The Monitor in this story is not the same as the one from the Video Game.
  • Corvus did not know the existence of this particulat Monitor as the first time they hear about them was from refugees fleeing from Stralheim.
  • The Augur in the trailer is not Herschel, but a different person. In the credis, Augur is spelled as Auger.
  • A unique ember type (Red Ember) is shown in the trailer, and it is much smaller in size compared to other rarities found in the game. Since ember rarity is related to its size, this might be a very common form of ember.
  • The Short was cut to be made as a Live-Action trailer. But Neil Blomkamp has confirmed that more footage had been taken (20+ minutes), and it was up to EA whether they wanted to make it into a full fledged short.
  • Neil Blomkamp has also revealed that if the trailer was well received (currently 7+ Million views), then he would like to tell more stories based on the game, through film.[3]