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Consumable Slots of a Javelin

Consumables are crafted items that can boost a javelin during an expedition. Currently, there is only one type of consumable called Sigils.

Consumable Slots

There are 3 consumable slots available to each of the 4 javelins available to the Freelancer: Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor. Each of the 3 slots are simultaneously unlocked for all 4 javelins at Pilot Level 10, 20, and 30 as rewards.

Consumable slots must be unlocked again when a new pilot is created.


Sigil Icon

Sigils can be crafted just before an expedition is started and equipped. They last for one expedition, after which if performance improvement are needed, more can be crafted and equipped. Sigil Blueprints can be earned by completing relevant challenges for each type. Each sigil provides a unique combat equipment specific bonus.

Sigils require pure ember to be crafted. Sigils once crafted cannot be salvaged. Sigils of teh same type but different rarity can be stacked!

Note: Consumable items give you a boost for one Expedition. If used, they are gone at the end of that Expedition. They are also consumed if you join another Expedition from your current one.

Cortex Entry

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Check Cortex Entry: Expedition Consumables for More Information

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Short-term boosts can be crafted on the launch platform that grant bonuses for a single expedition. These are a great way to use unneeded crafting materials. The first slot opens at Level 10, along with some basic crafting blueprints. Additional slots unlock at Levels 20 and 30. More blueprints can be unlocked by completing challenges.

List of Consumables

Currently, there are 23 types of consumables with Epic, Rare, and Uncommon rarities each.

Sigil Icon.png SIGILS