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No wonder the Shaper energy is so wild, this is an actual conjunction.
Faye Navine.

A Closed Storm Gate

Conjunctions are inversions of energy. They are anomalies formed during an intense Cataclysmic or Shaper activity. Simply put, they are pocket universes which may not belong in the world of Coda. Hence, it is the job of any lancer to contain them before anything from within them escape. Ocassionally, they can be a portal to a different, sometimes unreachable, location within Coda.


A Lancer Flies into a Conjunction's Storm Gate

The only way to enter a conjunction is through a storm cloud called storm gate, and only when it is open. It can be exited if a freelancer forces a respawn into a different Freeplay location or by a cypher doing the exact same, likely with the help of the Egress. These are gate-like disturbances which can open occasionally in the world for a short duration.

Unlike the storm cloud of a cataclysm which has afixed origin point, a storm gate can pop out anywhere in the world. When a storm gate opens, it enlarges and turns a violent red. During this time, a Freelancer can enter it to find out what kind of anomaly is waiting to escape out of that reality or stop whatever unnecessary activity is being carried out in the distant location.

An Open Storm Gate

Matthias Sumner studies Shaper activities. Through his research he has found out that unlike other instances where an instrument dissipates Shaper energy, conjunctions suck them into itself. He also found out that these can simply be portals which connect two locations. Shaper energy which gets pulled into a conjunction come out as as objects and living creatures. Although no one has found out how conjunctions are formed, or what their true functions are, Matthias wants to study them further.

There are several anomalies across Bastion which have storm gates open up to reveal conjunctions. Conjunctions are common during intense Shaper activities like a cataclysm. But they have also been seen during times of peace, relatively speaking.

Cortex Entry

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Check Cortex Entry: Conjunction for More Information

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Everyone knows what an overload of Shaper energy from a relic looks like—well, maybe not everyone except most Arcanists and many cyphers—but inversions of energy are relatively rare. Such events are referred to as “conjunctions” because to all appearances the energy that normally radiates outward from a Shaper instrument is instead pulled into it and... through to connect some other location.
What location? Where is it going? We have no idea. It may not even be a location within our physical reality. Energy goes in and objects—even living creatures!—come out from wherever it's connecting to. How do conjunctions form? What's their function?
Further study will bring us answers.

M. Sumner

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Echoes of Reality

During Echoes of Reality Bastion saw 5 storm gates opening to show anomalies which led into large conjunctions. All these conjunctions were different realities, according to Faye. Hence their contents should not be allowed to enter Bastion. General overview of these conjunctions can be found in Echoes of Reality (Conjunctions).

For the details, visit the individual pages:

Season of Skulls

During the Season of Skulls of 468 LV, 5 more storm gates appeared revealing newer conjunctions. Some of these anomalies occurred in Bastion, whereas, others were from a different reality:

Conjunction Locations

The following locations are where conjunctions take place. For all intents and purposes, they behave the same as Hidden Places, and will be classified as such:


  • The conjunctions are the location and not the spherical red/yellow ball of energy. Those are storm gates.
  • Pre-release variations of conjunctions were simply referred to as Shaper Storms, and were white in color. They were later changed to yellow and renamed to conjunctions, which means "the action or an instance of two or more events or things occurring at the same point in time or space," which is exactly what is going on.