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Competitive Strongholds or Seasonal Strongholds (Seasonal Expeditions during Festive and Seasonal Events) are challenges where strongholds are modified to make them more challenging and competitive for points. The top scorers are mentioned in the leader boards.

These Strongholds have with additional mechanics for providing points and earning crystals which can be exchanged in the Seasonal Store for  War Chests.

They were introduced in the Season of Icetide and made available throughout in update 1.7.0.

Available Strongholds

Scoring Mechanism

Several mechanisms from the Echoes of Reality made a comeback in the competitive strongholds. The game mode was points based, and at the end of completing a specific objective, a multiplier is added. There are 16 multipliers in total.

The points are converted to crystals, which can be used in the Seasonal Store.


Each stronghold has a global timer and an arena timer. A each arena is completed, additional time is added to the global timer. These can be seen on the top right of the screen.


There are 3 arenas before reaching the final boss in each stronghold. A +1 multiplier is awarded if all the enemies are defeated within a specific amount of time.

Secret Boss

Each Stronghold has 3 secret bosses, one each in an arena, who can be summoned by completing side puzzles. These bosses, when defeated drop a guaranteed Loot and add a +1 to the multiplier.

All bosses must be summoned before

Orange Notes

There are several hidden Orange Notes, which when collected not only provide 500 points (without multiplier), but also add a +1 to the multiplier.

Cymatic Note Trails

There are several trails of cymatic notes which can add to the score.

The trail always begins with a blue note and has a path made of green notes.

Collecting only the green notes provide 10 points (without multiplier). However, if a blue note is collected first, the next green note changes to a blue note. Each blue note gives 50 points (without multiplier).

If all the notes collected are blue notes, then the final note automatically becomes a purple note which gives 200 points (without multiplier).

Destructible Boxes

There are several Red and White destructible boxes which when destroyed reward with cymatic notes and a crafting item.

Golden Grabbit

There are 4 dog-like statues hidden throughout in the strongholds. These statues unlock a Golden Grabbit. This grabbit is constantly on the move and must be attacked to deplete its health. As its health deplete, it drops several green cymatic notes, collecting which will add points.

When its health completely depletes, it drops several cymatic notes and adds a +1 to the multiplier.

Care must be taken to not to venture into the next arena before depleting the Golden Grabbit's health, otherwise all the points and the multiplier wont be rewarded as the grabbit disappears.

Final Boss

The Final boss is the same as regular strongholds, and the fight sequence remains the same. The only difference is when the boss is defeated within a limited time a +1 multiplier is rewarded.

If the boss is defeated before the global timer ends, the score is doubled.