Combat Gear are a type of combat equipment for a Javelin.


Each javelin is equipped with three types of combat gear, which both provide offensive abilities for the javelin's user.

Javelin Gear 1 Gear 2 Gear 3
Ranger Icon.png Ranger Grenade Assault Launcher Support Gear
Colossus Icon.png Colossus Ordnance Launcher Heavy Assault Launcher Heavy Support Gear
Storm Icon.png Storm Blast Seal Focus Seal Support Seal
Interceptor Icon.png Interceptor Strike System Assault System Support System

The "primary" combat gear for a javelin—"Gear 1," in any controls layout—is usually an area of effect attack, with most being able to be targeted at a specific location. Usually they end up doing damage to multiple enemies. A notable exception is the Interceptor's Plasma Star and its upgrade Sanadeen's Respite.

The "secondary" combat gear—"Gear 2"— often acts like an additional weapon, and usually has multiple charges or sub-charges per cool-down cycle.

The "tertiary" combat gear—"Gear 3", also known as "Support"—provides support to the javelins which can amplify a javelin's combat abilities or provide additional protection against enemy damage. Although most support gear cannot do damage or combo, Storm's Howling Veil can reflect the damage done to it back at the enemies, and when it expires or is destroyed, can detonate primed enemies around it.

Most combat gear can prime, or detonate, to perform a combo. Items which do elemental or acid damage can apply a status effect on the enemy, but they can only prime if they are considered primers.

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