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Combat Equipment Icon used in the Game

Combat Equipment, sometimes called Loadout Equipment, are items that can be equipped for combat when outside Fort Tarsis. They are used to build javelins to suit the playstyle of any freelancer. Each ally and enemy found in the wilderness of Northern Bastion, except for Arcanists, has a combat loadout using these equipment.

Currently, there are a total of more than 300 combat equipment available to the players in game, disregarding their rarity (i.e., only items with unique names are considered), but not all of them can be obtained, as some are limited by how they can be obtained, whereas some are unreleased. These items can be equipped in the Forge by going into the Loadout Tab after selecting the appropriate javelin.

Cortex Entry

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Check Cortex Entry: Upgrading at the Forge for More Information

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Equipment swaps and javelin upgrades can be done at the Forge once guns and gear are found in the world. As a pilot levels up, more javelin customization slots will unlock.
Equipping higher-level items will raise your javelin's power level, which is reflected as a rarity level. Higher-level suits find rare and powerful items more often, and can tackle missions at higher difficulty levels.


Combat Equipment are not only used by the Freelancer, but they are used by all factions. They are used by all sentient non-Elemental species of Coda. Certain Fauna are weaponized by enemy factions, which, in a way behaves like combat equipment. Factions not only decorate their icons on their members, but also use their colors on the equipment that belong to them. Types of Combat Equipment Used:

  • Javelins: Apart from the lancers of Bastion, the Dominion, Scars, Outlaws and regulators are known to use javelins.
  • Weapons: Hand held guns are not only used by javelin’s lancers, but also minor enemies.
  • Gear: Gears are non-gun type weapons that cannot do melee or close combat damage to enemies. They are also used by Javelin pilots and minor enemies.
  • Melee Weapons: These are close combat weapons that almost all non-elemental type sentient enemies and allies use. Usually, in the case of enemies, they simply strike with their handheld guns. Valkyrie and Elementalist type javelins aren’t shown using melee weapons.
  • Support: Support are shielding items or those that help allies to perform better during combat. Not all enemies have supports.
  • Components: Components are combat items that are used only by javelins to improve their performances.
  • Ultimate: Ultimate Abilities are only used by javelins. They are said to be the abilities that a javelin can unleash when the right time is reached.
  • Consumables: These are combat prowess enhancing items that last only for one expedition. They are currently only used by the javelins of bastion.
  • Shield Generator: This is only used by the Dominion. It can generate kinetic shields for enemies and disable flight for enemies of the Dominion.
  • Turrets: Turrets are additional equipment used by enemies to fortify their presence. Allies aren’t seen using them during combat, but they are used to protect settlements.
  • Weaponized Creatures: These are creatures fitted with machines that make them menacing than what they already are. These are only ever seen used by the Dominion. Pirates of Blood Wind faction which was supposed to arrive with the new build of Anthem, were also supposed to have weaponized creatures like Wyverns.
  • Weaponized Striders: Striders can be fitted with heavy ammunitions to make them into chaotic, but slow, war machines. These are only ever employed during times of war, and not during small battles or skirmishes.
  • Tanks: Tanks are large equipment, usually used only by Scars. Although, not nearly as large as striders, Scar Tanks are devastating and almost exclusively used by Luminaries. Sometimes, Escari are seen using them as well.
  • Explosives: Bombs, mines, and explosives are used by allies and enemies alike during combat.
  • Elemental Containers: These are fire or ice or lightning type explosives that are stored in containers on combat fields.
  • Acid Containers: These are containers that release a mist of acid when detonated.

To see how what each enemy uses as combat equipment, visit their individual page.

Combat Equipment Types

There are 15 types of Combat Equipment slots available to the Freelancer’s javelins in Anthem:

Each of these can be modified in the Forge for each of the javelins: Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor.

Methods to Obtain

Combat Equipment are very versatile and can be obtained in many different ways:

Trivia (May Contain Spoilers)

  • Each combat equipment has a unique design except for gears.
  • Lower level and upgraded gears share the same design, regardless of how different they are. A notorious example is the case of Pulse Blast and its 3 upgraded forms Fist of the Mountain, Avenger's Boon, and Relentless Pursuit.
  • Lower level and upgraded guns share the same base form, but have unique coloration and Gear 1 on them that help them distinguish between them easily.
  • Several unreleased combat equipment for the player were data mined in the game. Some of these were also acknowledged by the developers. However, they were never released because they hadn’t been balanced before the end of Anthem’s development cycle.

List of Combat Equipment on Types

Only the names are mentioned here. For details of individual types and varieties in those types, select the appropriate item. For convenience, consumables and unobtainable items are mentioned atthe end.

Combat Equipment.png COMBAT EQUIPMENT

Weapons (Guns Only)
  1. Aftershock
  2. Anvil
  3. Artinia's Gambit
  4. Avenging Herald
  5. Bad Omen
  6. Balm of Gavinicus
  7. Barrage
  8. Blades of Warding
  9. Blastback
  10. Bombardier
  11. Close Encounter
  12. Cloudburst
  13. Constrictor
  14. Cycle of Pain
  15. Deadeye
  16. Death From Above
  17. Deathstalker Blades
  18. Defender
  19. Devastator
  20. Divine Vengeance
  21. Earthshaker
  22. Elemental Rage
  23. Endless Siege
  24. Explosive Strike
  25. Fist of Stral
  26. Flashfire
  27. Fulcrum
  28. Glorious Result
  29. Grave Digger
  30. Guardian
  31. Hailstorm
  32. Hammerhead
  33. Havoc
  34. Inferno Glove
  35. Insult and Injury
  36. Jarra's Wrath
  37. Light of the Legion
  38. Lightning Rod
  39. Lightning Surge
  40. Lurker
  41. Mauler
  42. Meteor Smash
  43. Papa Pump
  44. Radiant Fortress
  45. Rainmaker
  46. Ralner's Blaze
  47. Rampager
  48. Razorwing
  49. Relentless
  50. Renewed Courage
  51. Resolution
  52. Retaliation of Garretus
  53. Riza's Ripper
  54. Rolling Carnage
  55. Scattershot
  56. Scout
  57. Searing Blast
  58. Seismic Glove
  59. Seismic Mace
  60. Sentinel's Vengeance
  61. Shard Storm
  62. Shock Mace
  63. Shocking Strike
  64. Siege Breaker
  65. Sledgehammer
  66. Soothing Touch
  67. The Last Stand
  68. Thunderbolt of Yvenia
  69. Torrent
  70. Trajector
  71. Transmuting Volt
  72. Truth of Tarsis
  73. Twin Blades
  74. Unending Battle
  75. Vassa's Surprise
  76. Vengeance
  77. Venomous Blades
  78. Warden
  79. Whirlwind
  80. Wyvern Blitz

Gear 1

Gear 2



  1. Ablative Shielding
  2. Acid Slugs
  3. Advanced Circuitry
  4. Airborne Advantage
  5. Ammo Compartment
  6. Amphibious Augment
  7. Amulet of Winter
  8. Armor Reinforcement
  9. Assault Augment
  10. Assault Rifle Ammo
  11. Assault System Augment
  12. Badge of Devastation
  13. Battle Inscription
  14. Blade Inscription
  15. Bloodlust
  16. Catalytic Overdrive
  17. Chaos Core
  18. Colossal Stock Augment
  19. Colossal Storage Augment
  20. Colossus Combo Augment
  21. Combined Arms
  22. Components
  23. Conductive Lattice
  24. Conductivity Augment
  25. Convergence Core
  26. Crossed Arms
  27. Demolition Tribute
  28. Diverted Energy Circuit
  29. Double-Edged Inscription
  30. Elemental Attunement
  31. Elemental Conduit
  32. Elemental Empowerment
  33. Elemental Ops
  34. Elemental Synergy
  35. Elusive Talisman
  36. Emblem of Destruction
  37. Emergency Power
  38. Explosives Expert
  39. Extended Sniper Magazine
  40. Extended Special Arms Magazine
  41. Feedback Loop
  42. Fire Inscription
  43. Firearm Calibration Core
  44. Focused Freeze
  45. General's Favor
  46. Giant Slayer
  47. Grand Entrance
  48. Grenade Augment
  49. Grenadier Inscription
  50. Guardian Insignia
  51. Gunner's Inscription
  52. Gunslinger's Mark
  53. Heat Sink
  54. Heavy Assault Augment
  55. Heavy Shield Reinforcement
  56. High-Capacity Munitions
  57. Ice Inscription
  58. Integrity Augment
  59. Interceptor Combo Augment
  60. Light Machine Gun Ammo
  61. Lightning Inscription
  62. Mark of Clarity
  63. Mark of Ruin
  64. Mark of Wrath
  65. Marksman Rifle Ammo
  66. Melee Inscription
  67. Ordnance Augment
  68. Overclocked Regulator
  69. Ranger Combo Augment
  70. Rapid Arms Ammo
  71. Rapid Hollow Points
  72. Rejuvenating Ammo
  73. Second Wind
  74. Shield Reinforcement
  75. Shock Treatment
  76. Shotgun Ammo
  77. Sniper Rifle Ammo
  78. Softened Blows
  79. Special Arms Ammo
  80. Stalwart's Badge
  81. Storm Combo Augment
  82. Strike System Augment
  83. Structural Reinforcement
  84. Survival Algorithm
  85. Symbiotic Surge
  86. Synchronized Frame
  87. Tactical Advantage
  88. Talisman of Power
  89. Thermal Cooling
  90. Thermal Regulator
  91. Tip of the Spear
  92. Token of Daring
  93. Token of the Master
  94. Token of the Pupil
  95. Tome of Precision
  96. Ultimate Inscription
  97. Vanguard's Badge
  98. Vanguard's Emblem
  99. Vanguard's Token
  100. Vengeance Matrix
  101. Vented Thrusters
  102. Victor's Resolve
  103. Way of Integration
  104. Way of Resolve
  105. Way of Salvage
  106. Way of the Bold
  107. Way of the Swift


Unobtainable Combat Equipment