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In battle, you can count on the Colossus to hold the line or disperse threats with its tremendous strength in close combat.
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Colossus is a heavily armored javelin created in Bastion.

Colossus is one of the first javelins to be created in the legion Victorious Era. As with all Bastion technology, colossus' technology is stolen by regulators and modified. Piloted by Freelancers and Engineers, this iconic suit's strength makes it the most powerful javelin available. Colossus is a hulking war machine designed to clear out entire hives of vicious predatory fauna with mounted artillery, heavy arms, and reinforced armor plating.

If you think subtlety is overrated and want enough artillery to take out a small army, unleash the pure devastation of this hulking war machine. While each javelin can equip two weapons, the Colossus is the only javelin sturdy enough to wield any of the Heavy Weapons.[1].


Like most items in Bastion, Colossus is designed and Crafted in Heliost.

Colossus is based on the earliest javelins made by humans, the javelins equipped by Legion of Dawn lancers. Since then, it has been improved to make it effective not only for combat, but also a myriad of occupations.

It shares some of its designs on the first Javelin: the Javelin of Dawn. However, it is incomparable to it in every other aspect. But since the Legion of Dawn lancer javelins are based on the first Javelin, and the colossus based on them, it can be considered its successor.

The Freelancer used a new Ranger Mk.2 once their training was complete. However, it was severely damaged during the mission to Silence the Heart of Rage in 466 LV. Between 466 LV and 468 LV, they obtained another Ranger Mk.2 Javelin, which was severely worn out and hindering in performance. However, because of an interest shown by Corvus, who persuaded them to figure out a method to silence the Heart of Rage in 468 LV, they obtained brand new models of Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor javelins.

Cortex Entries

The following Cortex Entries provide details about Colossus:

Other Variants

These are the other variants of the Colossus Javelin:


Colossus has access to the following Damage Types:

  • Acid-icon Acid
  • Armor Buster-icon Armor Buster
  • Fire-icon Fire
  • Ice-icon Ice
  • Impact-icon Impact
  • Lightning-icon Lightning
  • Shield Breaker-icon Shield Breaker

Colossus has the following combat abilities:

  • Colossus Gear:
    • Heavy Assault Launcher: A Gear that can be launched at enemies from the Colossus’ hand. This item targets multiple enemies in a small area.
    • Ordnance Launcher: A Gear that is deployed using a mortar located on the colossus’ shoulder. This item can target multiple enemies when deployed in a larger area.
    • Heavy Support Gear: A gear that can be released around the Colossus, but its effects are usable by all allies. It can boost ally shield or weaken enemies.
  • Colossus Melee Weapon:
    • Glove: A Colossus concentrates its entire weight into its right Glove and smashes the ground. It can strike enemies in a large cylindrical radius and be used to prime or detonate depending on its type. This can be performed on ground or from air. Air melee always does higher damage.
  • Colossus Ultimate:
    • Siege Cannon: A final ability that takes a long time to charge but can cause havoc when launched at enemies. Siege Cannon has three charges which when released on a group of enemies can cause a devastating area of effect explosion dealing massive damage and detonating any combos within the area. The ultimate also makes the javelin invulnerable until it lasts.
  • Colossus Combo:
    • Combo Blast: Colossus can perform Combinations during an encounter. Combo Blast is the special combo ability that is available only to Colossi. This combo ability significantly amplifies all combo damages done by the Colossus in a radius.
  • Colossus Weapons:
  • Colossus Performance:
    • Armor and Shields: Assisted by Colossus Specific and Universal Components.
    • Combat Performance: Assisted by Colossus Specific and Universal Components.

Colossus Specific Bonuses to Armor and Shields

Colossus received new changes to its health during update 1.3.0.

The Colossus will now utilize the same base values of Armor and Shields as the rest of the javelins, but has an inherent multiplying factor on all base values that generates the larger Armor and Shield pools. This change will better allow the Colossus to utilize Universal components without sacrificing an extraordinary amount of defense to do so.

Note: Because of this change, inside the forge, the base value of the Colossus specific components will go down significantly but the amount of armor added to the Colossus should remain roughly the same (since that lower base value is multiplied by the Colossus’s new inherent bonus).

  • Base Colossus Components' Armor and Shields 250/125 → 45/45
  • Base Colossus Armor related Components' Armor and Shields 300/250 → 100/100
  • Masterwork or Legendary Colossus Components' Armor and Shields 730/290 → 145/145
  • Masterwork or Legendary Colossus MaxArmor Components' Armor and Shields 876/580 → 320/320
  • Base Colossus Health and Shields 900/450 → 150/150
  • Colossus now get a multiplicative bonus to Armor that increases all Armor granted by 475%.
  • Colossus now get a multiplicative bonus to Shields that increase all Shield granted by 237.5%

These changes have made Colossus a nearly un-killable tank.


Colossus is a heavy javelin. Like all javelins, it can be used in multiple ways. However, its default version is designed to do specific tasks [2].

  • Focus: Resilience
  • Offense Style: Multi-target
  • Evasive Maneuver: Unfurled Physical Shield
  • Jump Type: Rocket Double Jump
  • Flight: Thruster Assisted
  • Flight Evasive Maneuver: Unfurled Physical Shield
  • Hover Time: Standard
  • Action Speed: Slow
  • Armor: Heavily Armored
  • Shields: Unfurled Physical Shield


Colossus has several customization options along with paint jobs:

  • Armor Packs and Armor Parts
  • Materials and Metal Platings
  • Vinyls
    • Colossus Specific Vinyls: Default Colossus Decal and Empowered Colossus
    • Universal Vinyls
  • Wear States
  • Arrival Animations
    • Colossus Specific Arrival Animation
    • Universal Arrival Animations
  • Victory Poses
    • Colossus Specific Victory Poses
    • Universal Victory Poses
  • Emotes
    • Colossus Specific Emotes
    • Universal Emotes

Crafting and Upgrades

Colossus Dawn Shield

Colossus Combat Slots

Colossus Requires Colossus Parts to craft its javelin specific gear, melee weapons, and components along with other standard crafting items obtained by harvesting. It can also use universal components and guns.

A Colossus has a total of 12 combat slots available to it to make its performance optimal. There is also one special slot specific to the story:

  • 1 Heavy Assault Launcher Slot
  • 1 Ordnance Launcher Slot
  • 1 Heavy Support Gear Slot
  • 1 Melee Weapon Slot
  • 2 Weapon (Gun) Slots
  • 6 Component Slots
  • 1 Dawn Shield Slot (Not counted towards Power Level)

Depending on the rarity of the embers used, items of different rarity can be crafted or obtained by other means such as Guardians Gifts, Regulator Store, Loot, or Seasonal Store. These items have a specific level called Power, that is capped at different numeric values. When the Power of each equipped item is added, Colossus’s Power Level is obtained. This Power Level defines the rarity of Colossus:

Power Level Colossus Rarity
0-383 Common ColossusCommon flat
384-431 Uncommon ColossusUncommon flat
432-455 Rare ColossusRare flat
456-731 Epic ColossusEpic flat
732-899 Masterwork ColossusMasterwork flat
900-960 Legendary ColossusLegendary flat

Prominent Users

There are many, many users of this javelin. However, these are the prominent people known to use it:


  • There is a joke about Colossus being so large that it come with a cup holder (it doesn’t).
  • Colossus is the only javelin capable of using heavy weapons because of its size and strength.
  • According to the Art of Anthem, the original purpose of a colossus was to use in heavy operations like mining, lifting etc., but it was repurposed into a combat unit.
  • Each colossus is custom built for every lancer that uses it.



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