"The gears of this world are tuned for a quick death. Good thing I carry a wrench."

The World of Anthem

The World of Anthem is called Coda[1]. It is a planet and has at least two heavenly bodies neighboring it. Of the two bodies, red and blue, only the blue is confirmed to be a moon[2].


A Shaper storm

Coda is a vast, volatile, living world,[3] and is in a constant state of change.[4] It is believed to have been created by the Shapers, who the humans consider to be 'Gods'. It is said that they set out to create the world in nine days, using tools that were able to tap into the Anthem of Creation. Inexplicably, the Shapers mysteriously vanished on the third day leaving their relics behind,[5] littering the landscape.[3] These wondrous, massive objects were used to create the beautiful world. Yet, if let alone, they can become unpredictable and destructive[5]. In the present time, they are still found in the world[6], but mostly taken over by the nature.

The discovery of these relics have been both beneficial and detrimental to the world's inhabitants. When the relics activate, they drastically alter the surrounding environment, often in destructive ways. These include the mutation of local flora and fauna and the transformation of the planet itself. Ironically, the technology salvaged from these relics by humanity, enabled them to construct the first javelins which allowed them to survive the dangers caused by the very relics.

Nothing in Coda is mass-produced; everything is handcrafted by its residents[7]. The origins of the world lie so far in the past, it has faded out from memories and has become a legend[3]. Many humans have told stories over time to try and explain the nature of the world around them.[8]

Human ruins

Humans live scattered across various enclaves, constantly under the siege of the animals mutated by the Shaper relics.[5] Human ruins can be found among the wilderness, and it is clear that they have been living on this planet for a while. However, the secret of humanity's origins is unknown[3]. Humanity is "out-scaled" by Coda's other creatures. Nearly every animal in the world is hostile to humans.[9]

The climate of the world is unforgiving [3]. Numerous natural events occur in the world, such as space-time shaper storms, unpredictable cataclysms, and catastrophic changes to the land. Uncharted terrains, forsaken ruins, and primeval beasts and marauders exist on this planet.

Known Locations

A Freelancer exploring sunken, esoteric ruins

The world is divided into ten sub-regions (in-game).[10] Most, if not all of the game takes place on the continent of Mirrus.[11] Known locations include:



Towns and Cities


  • Sundric Sea

Mountains and Hills

  • Hammertop Mountain
  • Croassus Mountains


  • It has been confirmed that the setting of Anthem is not Earth[5] However, when asked, Mike Gamble refused to confirm whether the setting could be considered an alternate reality.[8]
  • Events in the narrative of Anthem will not occur beyond the world[8]. From a story standpoint, the world will always remain dangerous, a world that will "always be a place that requires heroes."[12]
  • Narrative ideas behind the world's backstory were solidified early on in development; the idea of being in a dangerous world where there are pockets of civilization just holding on and fighting to survive, with humanity being out of scale with the world around them.[13]


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