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An Ash Skorpion Chimera in the ruins of Freemark

Chimeras are fauna that are transformed by Shaper Energies by mutating them into monstrous abominations. Unlike the fauna, chimeras simply exist to kill anything around them.

The Freelancer encounters several chimeras during expeditions, even during the very first mission. Subsequently, more of these chimeras are usually found when a volatile relic goes haywire or during intense Shaper activities.

List of Chimeras


  • Chimeras usually have no special name and are simply suffixed with an elemental/acid term before their Fauna counterpart's name, such as Ash Brute.
  • If the Shaper Energies have changed them into barely recognizable creature, such as the Bristleback, then they end up with special names.
  • There are even more special special chimeras which have become legends and have a unique name for themselves, such as Cindermaw.
  • Cindermaw is perhaps the most popular Chimera, as it is the reason the Freelancers faction exist.
  • Other chimeras exist in fictitious works within Bastion, such as The Freelancers Three and Dawnguard.
  • Many more chimeras exist in datamined files.