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Challenges are various objectives available in the Cortex for the Freelancer to earn a wide variety of rewards, including cosmetics, blueprints, currencies, lore and much more. Each challenge can be tracked to check for its progress.

Only Path to Glory and Festive challenges can be repeated when available, while all others are one-time challenges. Certain Challenges called “Ongoing Challenges” can also be repeated when full season events take place, however, they are not uniquely grouped in such a section any longer. Certain challenges are available for a limited time and may never return in the future.

The Tables below Shows the Sub Sections as the title of each column, and within each column, the Level 1 cortex entries. Under the Table will be the list of all Cortex Entries found within each of the 14 Sub Section of the Challenges.


Click on the name to go to individual pages that show the details of what they contain. Those pages may not necessarily show the list of all the cortex entries in that Sub Section. However, all those entries are listed below this table under separate headings.

Cortex-Path to Glory Challenge Icon.png Path to Glory
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Festive
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Season of Icetide
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Season of Skulls
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Echoes of Reality
Cortex-Faction Challenge Icon.png Factions
Cortex-Expeditions Challenge Icon.png Expeditions
Cortex-Exploration Challenge Icon.png Exploration
Cortex-Gear Challenge Icon.png Gear
Cortex-Assault Rifle Challenge Icon.png Weapons
Cortex-Feats Challenge Icon.png Feats
Cortex-Combat Challenge Icon.png Combat
Cortex-Freelancer Challenge Icon.png Freelancer

Cortex-Path to Glory Challenge Icon.png Path to Glory

See Path to Glory for non-challenge related details.

Cortex-Path to Glory Challenge Icon.png Path to Glory
Cortex-Path to Glory Challenge Icon.png Daily
Cortex-Path to Glory Challenge Icon.png Weekly
Cortex-Path to Glory Challenge Icon.png Monthly

Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Festive

See Festive for non-challenges related details.

 Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Festive 
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Fauna
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Flora

Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Season of Icetide

See Icetide for non-challenges related details.

 Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Season of Icetide 
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Stronghold Challenges
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Endurance Challenges

Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Season of Skulls

See Season of Skulls Festival for non-challenges related details.

Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Season of Skulls
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Cataclysm Challenges
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Endurance Challenges

Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Echoes of Reality

See Echoes of Reality for non-challenges related details.

Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Echoes of Reality
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Cataclysm Challenges
Cortex-Nexus Challenge Icon.png Endurance Challenges

Cortex-Faction Challenge Icon.png Factions

See Factions for non-challenges related details.

Cortex-Faction Challenge Icon.png Factions
Cortex-Arcanist Loyalty Challenge Icon.png Arcanist Loyalty
Cortex-Freelancer Challenge Icon.png Freelancer Loyalty
Cortex-Sentinel Challenge Icon.png Sentinel Loyalty
Cortex-Faction Challenge Icon.png Champion of Tarsis

Cortex-Expeditions Challenge Icon.png Expeditions

See Expeditions for non-challenges related details.

Cortex-Expeditions Challenge Icon.png Expedition
Cortex-Expeditions Challenge Icon.png Critical
Cortex-Agent Challenges Icon.png Agent
Cortex-Stronghold Master Challenge Icon.png Stronghold
Cortex-Expeditions Challenge Icon.png Freeplay

Cortex-Exploration Challenge Icon.png Exploration

See Exploration for non-challenges related details.

Cortex-Exploration Challenge Icon.png Exploration
Cortex-Collect Challenge Icon.png Bastion Collectibles
Cortex-Exploration Challenge Icon.png Bastion Regions

Cortex-Gear Challenge Icon.png Gear

See Gear for non-challenges related details.

Cortex-Gear Challenge Icon.png Gear
Cortex-Ranger Gear Challenge Icon.png Ranger Gear
Cortex-Colossus Gear Challenge Icon.png Colossus Gear
Cortex-Storm Gear Challenge Icon.png Storm Gear
Cortex-Interceptor Gear Challenge Icon.png Interceptor Gear

Cortex-Assault Rifle Challenge Icon.png Weapons

See Weapons for non-challenges related details.

Cortex-Assault Rifle Challenge Icon.png Weapons
Cortex-Autocannon Challenge Icon.png Autocannon
Cortex-Assault Rifle Challenge Icon.png Assault Rifle
Cortex-Grenade Launcher Challenge Icon.png Grenade Launcher
Cortex-Heavy Pistol Challenge Icon.png Heavy Pistol
Cortex-Light Machine Gun Challenge Icon.png Light Machine Gun
Cortex-Machine Pistol Challenge Icon.png Machine Pistol
Cortex-Marksman Rifle Challenge Icon.png Marksman Rifle
Cortex-Shotgun Challenge Icon.png Shotgun
Cortex-Sniper Rifle Challenge Icon.png Sniper Rifle
Cortex-Melee Challenge Icon.png Ranger Melee
Cortex-Melee Challenge Icon.png Colossus Melee
Cortex-Melee Challenge Icon.png Storm Melee
Cortex-Melee Challenge Icon.png Interceptor Melee

Cortex-Feats Challenge Icon.png Feats

See Feats for non-challenges related details.

Cortex-Feats Challenge Icon.png Feats

Cortex-Combat Challenge Icon.png Combat

See Combat for non-challenges related details.

Cortex-Combat Challenge Icon.png Combat

Cortex-Javelin Challenge Icon.png Javelin Challenges

See Javelins for non-challenges related details.

The Javelin Challenges will show up in “Freelancer Challenges” when they are completed. The challenges are Uncommon Javelin, Rare Javelin, Epic Javelin, and Masterwork Javelin.

Cortex-Freelancer Challenge Icon.png Freelancer

See The Freelancer for non-challenges related details.

Cortex-Freelancer Challenge Icon.png Freelancer

Tracked Challenges

Displays the 9 or 10 most recently tracked challenges in the list. The most recently tracked will replace the last challenge and show up on the top of the list. When any tracked challenge is completed, it is automatically rempved from the list.