The Cenotaph

The Cenotaph was an ancient Shaper relic hidden deep within the city of Freemark.

When the Dominion, led by Doctor Harken, attempted to seize control of it and, through it, the Anthem of Creation, their arrogance produced the Heart of Rage cataclysm that destroyed the city.

The Cenotaph in Freemark

Most of Freemark's population was unaware of the Cenotaph's existence until it was too late. How the Dominion knew that it existed remains a mystery, but there is little doubt they arrived at Freemark specifically to activate the relic.

In 466 L.V., Freelancers entered the Heart of Rage to try to shut down the Cenotaph, but nearly all of them died in the failed attempt.[1]

Two years later, the Monitor managed to reach the Cenotaph and transcended his human form to become one with the Anthem of Creation, reincarnating as a giant. After the Freelancer defeated him, with the aid of Faye Navine connecting to the Anthem, the Freelancer is able to reach the Cenotaph, finally taking silencing the relic and ending the Heart of Rage once and for all.[2]


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