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The Anthem creates reality all around us. Cataclysms are simply smaller realities it's built—temporary ones.
Doctor Harken educating the Freelancer about the cataclysm.
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Cataclysms are constantly occurring in the world of Coda. Usually, freelancers put an end to them before they can go awry.

However, there are many times, they can grow stronger and difficult to contain. During these times, Freelancers take part in a special event to put an end to them. These are usually season-long events with new enemies to fight, mysteries to uncover, power to be gained, and rewards to be obtained.

List of known Cataclysms

  • The cataclysm which caused the city of Longfall to collapse to its ruins.
  • The cataclysm which brought skorpions into the world while at the same time caused destruction to the ancient city of Anshar.
  • The cataclysm which was accidentally caused by an Arcanist who messed with a relic in the Sanctuary of Dunar, which destroyed Dunar.
  • The cataclysm which brought Scars into Coda.
  • A cortex entry mentions about the cataclysm which brought lavender snow that unfortunately burned peoples' skins.
  • Heart of Rage started by the Dominion which obliterated Freemark and caused the subsequent destruction of Shadowmark.
  • Scelos starts a cataclysm, which the Freelancer contains at the end of Temple of Scar.
  • While exploring the secrets of the Sunken Cell, the freelancer stops an imminent cataclysm.
  • Echoes of Reality started by Vara Brom

List of Seasonal Cataclysms

  • Echoes of Reality

List of Expected Changes during Seasonal Cataclysms