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Patamon1 Patamon1 23 February

Anthem Wiki Update 2022 (3rd Anniversary)

Hello Freelancers, and Happy 3rd Anniversary to Anthem!

Been a while since I wrote one of these. Not my favorite thing to do since the cancellation news. But, what needs to be done, must be done. Anyway, straight to the point.

Main updates to the wiki:

  • Several users from the Fandom Wiki Specialist team have helped improve and fix issues with the wiki during 2021. A big thank you to them :)
  • The right panel has almost all the necessary information for any new and existing visitors. This feature is only available on teh desktop, as mobile/tablet site looks different. I’m actually very proud of this feature and it looks exactly like I had planned it to.
  • Hovering over links within an article’s content, will now show previews of pages on desktop.
  • Chec…
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Patamon1 Patamon1 22 July 2021

New Changes to the Anthem Wiki

Fellow Freelancers, Arcanists, Sentinels, and even the Dominion:

It’s been very long since the previous blog on the Wiki’s state and progress… Those of us expecting wonderful changes to the Next Build of Anthem were left disappointed when its development was canceled a few months ago. Regardless, the Anthem Wiki has been seeing some nice changes and updates. We even got a Manager for about 4 months, who left Fandom as a staff after a while, so we don’t even have that anymore…

Anyway… here is the matter of interest.

  • Anthem Wiki has a fresh new look. It looks awesome in both the light and dark themes!
  • Have you seen the new Featured Store Rotation page? And while you’re at it, also check out the Seasonal Store Rotation page. Those are the permane…

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Patamon1 Patamon1 15 November 2020

Progress of Anthem Wiki’s Content

Hello Everyone!

It’s been about two months since I last wrote a blog. A lot of progress has been made since then.

  • All 71 Armor Packs are now available to look at and their pages look great!
  • All 22 Critical Path Missions (excluding the Challenges of the Legionnaires) pages are fully updated. Some quality checks may be required. Will be done once everything else is in order.
  • Over 1200 cortex entries have been added. Everything from Journal, Library, Armory, Mailbox, and Tutorials are included. Challenges are not included because It is going to be impossible to add them as Many Echoes of Reality challenges are missing, and I do not have a list of them.
  • Anthem 2.0’s page is regularly updated, and the armor pack featured store dates are regularly up…
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Patamon1 Patamon1 15 August 2020

Anthem Wiki's State and Progress

With the wiki’s migration happening in the upcoming weeks, I thought of writing this small post on the state of Anthem Wiki.

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been adding content to the wiki since October 2019. I want to keep it updated as a lot of newcomers have joined Anthem, and also because Anthem will be getting an overhaul.

Read everything about the overhaul here.

Also, if you didn’t know already, every Friday, Christian Dailey posts a concept image of Anthem’s next step on his twitter.

But the overhaul is still quite far away. So, while Bioware works on it, I thought of fully updating the Anthem Wiki and fill up all the pages with information which is so outdated that it doesn’t even exist in the game since February 2019.

I know Anth…

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Astralproxy Astralproxy 28 July 2019

How can Anthem Still Improve?

What would make this game more playable?

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Maxim Buyko Maxim Buyko 20 February 2019

Anthem Bay One update details

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Astralproxy Astralproxy 14 February 2019

Conviction - An Anthem Story

Debuting on February 14, Conviction is a short film set in the world of Anthem.

Watch here:

Wiki page:

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Astralproxy Astralproxy 21 January 2019

Demo Details

Official Posts:



The VIP Demo takes place from January 25 - 27, a few weeks before Anthem launches on February 22, 2019. Pre-order, join Origin Access, or join EA Access to experience the VIP Demo. As part of the VIP Demo, you’ll also get an exclusive in-game item to show you were the first to play.

If you are an Origin Access or EA Access subscriber or if you digitally pre-ordered on Origin, Xbox Store, or PlayStation Store, you have been automatically registered for the VIP Demo & do not need a code.

Experience Anthem ahead of launch with the Open Demo from Fe…

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ISmellVajayjay ISmellVajayjay 29 January 2018

Looks like Anthem has been delayed to 2019

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Yhipz Yhipz 18 November 2017

How do you think SWB2 affect Anthem?

With the whole controversy over SWB2's loot boxes, do you think EA will do something similar with Anthem?

EDIT: It also looks like Anthem is being punnished for EA's crap in SWB2.

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StarLightNova StarLightNova 25 September 2017

Anthem the Game


The new and exciting chapter into video gaming. How exciting is it! What fun will it be! This will be a grand new chapter into Bioware games!

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