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Blade Slinger is a weapon in Anthem. It charges a circular projectile with dynamic force.

Blade Slingers, like Pulse Accelerators and Volt Casters, only become available at Level 30 and are only available in Masterwork and Legendary rarity. Currently, they can only be obtained by spending crystals in the Seasonal Store.

All blade slingers have the capacity to do damage to multiple targets with the fire of just one shot, however, not all of them can do blast damage.

List of Volt Casters

Epic and Lower Masterwork and Higher

All Blade Slingers have a rarity of Masterwork or higher.


Blade Slinger Weapon class are affected by several inscriptions.

Damage Inscriptions

The following inscriptions affect Blade Slingers damage:

  • Weapon Damage
  • Physical Damage
  • Damage
  • Blade Slinger Damage
  • Weak point Damage (Razorwing and Riza's Ripper)
  • Blast Damage (Shard Storm and Riza's Ripper)

Quality Inscriptions

The Following inscriptions affect other qualities of Blade Slingers:

  • Weapon Ammo
  • Weapon Magazine Size
  • Weapon Hip Recoil
  • Weapon Reload
  • Blade Slinger Ammo
  • Weapon Fire Rate


Blade Slingers are affected by the following consumables:


  • Blade Slingers were called Chakram Launchers in the PTS version of Echoes of Reality.
  • All 3 Blade Slingers have a unique design that can be easily distinguished from each other.