Ash Titan2

An Ash titan

Ash titans are large, bipedal creatures found within the world. They are extremely powerful enemies, and have the ability to shoot a damaging beam from their chests.[1] It has been indicated that they are not native creatures to the world.[2]

During the event There Be Giants, four Named Titans will roam Bastion.


Ash Titan vs. Freelancer

An ash titan battles a Freelancer

Ash titans turn up in world events.[3] They can wipe out low-level Freelancers quickly.[4]

All of their attacks have a high chance of igniting your Javelin, dealing damage over time and overheating your thrusters, knocking you to the ground and temporarily preventing flight.

Ash titans' hands glow with heat energy whilst attacking, fire on them to inflict damage, their backs also open up, exposing a weakpoint for you to take advantage of. During Scorch Beam, the chest also opens, exposing an additional weakpoint with a high multiplier on incoming damage.



Flame Wall

A circular wall of flame that expands outward, damaging and igniting all caught in it's path, Ash titans unleash a multitude of these at different altitudes, these are easily avoided if you're a far distance from the Ash titan, Colossus's physical shield can block this attack.

Fire Balls

Balls of fire that home on their targets, they're hard to avoid, using Colossus's physical shield or taking cover can alleviate this.

Elemental Minions (Ancient Ash Titans only)

Ash titans can summon groups of Ash Elementals which attack you, use this to your advantage, you can charge your Javelin's Ultimate by easily dispatching them, they explode once near you.

Heat Burst

Charges up heat energy near your Javelin, telegraphed by gathering heat particles and an ominous blur, quickly move away from the immediate area to avoid it.

Scorch Beam (Ancient Ash Titans only)

A powerful beam of scorching energy, unleashed from an Ash Titan's chest once charged, dealing massive damage and igniting anything it hits, avoid this attack at all costs, taking cover helps.


Besides the two mentioned types, there are elite and legendary versions of them, which are hitting stronger and have a bigger health pool but are identical otherwise.

The four named Titans (Bane Titan, War Titan, Ruin Titan and Havoc Titan) during There Be Giants are renamed Ancient Ash Titan. Check the event page for more information.


In Game Informer, "rock titans" were referred to.[2] It is unclear whether this is another name for the ash titans, or a separate type of titan.

  • Since Patch 1.03 Ash Titans were adjusted:
    • Titans: We have made several balance changes to all variations of Titans
      • Reduced overall damage mitigation from 100% to between 70% and 75% depending on the damage type.
      • Increased the time that weakpoints are exposed.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented effects from applying and thus preventing combos.
      • Increased the damage the Titan takes from weakpoint hits.
      • Lesser Titan’s weakpoint’s have been changed to always be active.
      • Improved the collision on the ring and seeking projectile attacks. This should make them easier to dodge.
      • Decreased the radius of the seeking projectile attack.
      • Decreased the damage done by the self-destruct ability.


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