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Armor Packs are cosmetics that are used to personalize a javelin. Each javelin has a unique design, and the armor packs bring out the thunder in them.

Armor Packs meant for the Freelancer can be purchased at the Featured Store for COIN neat.png coin or for Shard neat.png shards. Limited time seasonal armor packs can be purchased in the Seasonal Store for Minor Crystal-0.png crystals. Certain themed seasonal events reward armor parts which form full armor packs by completing challenges. There are also legendary armor packs, that can only be obtained through real world currency as promotional items.

Armor Packs can be customized with Vinyls, Wear States, Materials, and Paint Jobs. These armor packs are purely cosmetic in nature and do not provide any form of combat advantage, which is all the more reason to not hesitate to equip them in any way a Freelancer wants to make a statement!

The following are all 71 armor packs available to the Freelancer purchasable through various methods. There are also certain exclusive armor parts and unobtainable armor parts mentioned towards the end.

Cosmetics.png Armor Packs
Ranger Armor Pack.png RANGER ARMOR PACKS

Colossus Armor Pack.png COLOSSUS ARMOR PACKS

Storm Armor Pack.png STORM ARMOR PACKS

Interceptor Armor Pack.png INTERCEPTOR ARMOR PACKS

Exclusive Armor Parts

Unobtainable Armor Parts