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We belong out there, where the world is. Not behind the white walls of the city. True discoveries—those that will further us and strengthen us—are waiting for the brave few willing to risk everything to enhance our understanding. Some of my esteemed colleagues do not agree. To them I say, either we find the dangers, or wait for them to find us.
— Arcanist Rilla Kafra, from her speech to the Explorers League of Bastion. Transcript.
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The Arcanists are a scientists and researchers found across the world of Coda. They are also found in Bastion and conduct research related to the Shapers.

There aren't many known Arcanists who pilot javelins as they are more interested in how the world works. Since they are constantly outside the walls for study, they can be easily captured by Scars and Outlaws.

Most Arcanists are know to wear headgear, face masks and shave their heads. They are usually associated with the dull colors such as shades of gray.



Matthias, an Arcanist

Scientist-mystics who have dedicated themselves to researching the mysteries of the Coda, the Arcanists research both the natural frontier as well as the technological. Their ultimate goal is to gather, categorize, and preserve the complete knowledge of humanity. Their tireless promotion of knowledge and teaching has been directly or indirectly responsible for much of the technological advancement of the world.[1] They see the gathering and preserving of information as their spiritual and moral duty.[2]

Arcanists can be found at every level of society, from giving basic instruction to researching Shaper relics in the wild,[2] to the Anthem of Creation itself.[3] There are various Arcanist academies, depending on the field of study.[2]

The Arcanists and Engineers are the ones who handcraft the Javelins utilized by the Freelancers.[4] Notably, they were able to reverse-engineer the Storm Javelin for use by the Freelancers.[5]


The Arcanists have existed for at least 500 years, and were active at the same time as the Legion of Dawn. Using a secret underground labwork, the Arcanists were able to create the first Javelins.[6]

Arden Vassa built several cities and academies for the Arcanists during his time, including the Academy of Arath, Observatory at Velathra, and the City of Anshar.

After the destruction of the library of Dunar, Arcanists published a common book of accumulated learning, known as Concordance. It stands as their most prolific work.[7]

Only a couple of Arcanists are know to have pilot Javelins: Vassa and Sumner.

Arcanist and Freelancers have always been friendly because of how indispensable the Freelancer work can be. Currently, Arcanists who do Field work, such as Matthias contract the freelancers to help them with research or keeping a research area safe.

Known Members[]

Present Members[]

Previous Members[]

  • Aima Damarcus (Deceased)
  • Iner Aloova (Deceased)

Ancient Members[]


  • Arcanists and Engineers have debated over centuries whether Arden Vassa was an Arcanist or Engineer.
  • Arcanist story missions usually involve saving characters from peril.
  • Arcanist contracts usually involve finding caches of ancient documents.